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How many lbs is the heaviest you lift?

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5 réponses

I can lift a maximum weight of 50 lbs.

But I can probably still lift something that is 55 lbs if I need to.

Réponse du - Merchandiser (Former Employee) - Etobicoke, ON

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The heaviest you are required to life would be under 50 pounds.

Réponse du - Administrative Assistant co-op (Former Employee) - Oshawa, ON

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Not at all heavy actually kind of light and easy to carry.

Réponse du - Assistant (Current Employee) - Toronto, ON

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If a large skid is needed to be moved and the lift is not around skids usually weigh roughly 50-85 lbs so its rather light but if you have problems lifting heavy things I would advise you to wait until a lift is available

Réponse du - Supervisor (Former Employee) - Aurora, ON

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Less than 100 lbs

Réponse du - Merchandiser (Former Employee) - Beamsville, ON

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