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Do employees get paid while training ?

13 réponses

Yes the do

It depends

Yes... During training company give pay to employ

Yes they do.

As a cosmetician you get paid for the training at the store. If you're going off site, it's their choice if you get paid or not. You usually get free cosmetics when you attend.

The shopper's on mayor McGrath dr. in Lethbridge does not pay for training and if you request it, they fire you.

Yes, it possible to pay half

Only when you first start with the company. After that it depends on the store, and a lot of them expect it to be done on personal time, even though head office encourages all staff to be paid for required training.

Employees do get paid for training

Yes they do get paid th esame amount in training. there is no differentiation between a trainee and a well knowledge person. everyone are allowed to get a fair chance

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