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J'ai aimer mon expérience de travaille chez shopify.
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Learned so much

I learned so much working at Shopify as many say it is like going back to University. Now I have a Shopify Degree! I did find the work load a lot and being a remote position it was difficult to create close bonds with other employees but it was a very good experience that I do not regret at all. Benefits are very good.
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Not the cool place it once was. Compensation is terrible.

What is the best part of working at the company?it's a job. nothing special. Not what is used to beWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?micro management if you work in any support roles. every minute of your day is watched (literally)What is the work environment and culture like at the company?very top heavy and leadership not in touch with front line staff
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Many organizational and role changes

Worked with a lot of great people but there were many organizational changes lead to understaffed teams and role changes. Once the organization steady's I would recommend working there
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Low pay, high expectations

JSA program provides “entry” to the industry but translates to doing the job of a permanent employee (support advisor) while basically making minimum wage. Great talent drops like flies due to the unreasonable expectations. Eliminate 3 concurrent chats and you’ll see a major improvement in merchant experience, turnover rates and employee wellness. The latter does not matter because in Support, you are barely considered a real human who deserves a livable wage. We are simply numbers churning out results often hoping for upward movement one day. Team Leads are often great, though and likely deal with similar top-down challenges. On a positive note, the training and resources are extensive. You will come out of this company feeling relieved but also armed with skills to take you onto your next role.
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stressful and overwhelming

there are many amazing perks to the job. when i started in 2019, starting pay was 39k. 10k~ bonus and benefits within the first year including stocks. great in depth training. fun environment via slack. overload of calls, 3 live chats at a time, and emails throughout the day in between with little to no breaks (one 30 min lunch). it became a call center with sparkles on it.
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Poor pay, high stress

Worked there for a year as a support advisor. Worked customer service my entire life - never had a job that ground you down like this before; 3 simultaneous chats, back-to-back phone calls for 8 hours straight with maybe a couple of breaks here and there.
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Lots of learning and focus on employee development.

The training period is short and as it is a growing company you will be learning something new every single day. Employees are good and sometimes management is a little cynical.
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A great place to learn the craft intensely, and learn skills or expand your knowledge base with hands on work

A typical workday is extremely packed and the work is non-stop. The learning opportunities are endless and one can actually learn on the job and be as creative as one can, although there is not much space to grow in the role or in the company. The management is extremely shoddy and there is no job safety at all. Workplace culture depends largely on the team lead and teammates and is a matter of luck. Like any other company there are extremely nice people and extremely bad people here, and if one gets a bad team or lead, then even the most enjoyable part of the work would seem like a burden.
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Depends where you land and who you work with

can be great, can suck. Depends where you land. They give you a lot of autonomy but there lacks direction with sr leaders. a lot of sr leaders don't have the experience needed for their job level.
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Can fire you for no reason and make up a reason in the end

Their woke culture is the main reason for them to promote people, if you are a progressive person like me just don't care, never join, salary starting at 17$ is trash anyway isn't worth it, you will not grow, I have done the most tickets, still didn't receive a contract extension after my first one because of highlighting another team rudeness to me in a slack conversation

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Great culture and perks, buy anxiety driven job

You will be responding to three chats at the same time. Three different people, three different accounts and three different questions. You will have lots of tabs open and trying not to get lost! You have to respond within two minutes of each question. No one liked chats as far as I know. Some of us starting taking anxiety pills to deal with the stressful chat sessions. Phone and email was fine and chill. Expect back to back phone calls though. Pay is good, there are lots of great perks.
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Great mission deserves better leadership

The company's stated mission to make commerce better for everyone is admirable and did a lot to inspire the majority of employees.Middle management bloat and poor direction from senior leadership lead to lack of direction, feeling like you're moving fast but not going anywhere, and gaslighting.
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Solid company, changed a lot over the years

They treat their people well, over the 8 years a lot changed but overall they treat their people fairly. Business is changing with AI, it happens. I'd do it all over again if I had the chance.
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They dont care about you. You are a number and replaceable by AI or TASKUS. AVOID SHOPIFY AT ALL COST. All they care about is money. They do not care about their merchants or employees. (Junior to Senior level)
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Great company and fast paced environment

Great environment to learn and grow your skills fast. Start-up mentality with frequent changes to how things are done. Management makes frequent changes on trial and error
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Run by heartless tyrants

Shopify, like most tech companies, will do everything it can to make as much profit possible and ensure none of it goes back to its workers, who make the company profitable in the first place. What's more, when leadership is presented with solid research on why they shouldn't make certain business decisions, they'll do it anyways and waste billions of dollars. It's fine, because at the end of the day they face no consequences and can just fire 2,500 employees who did not make those business decisions.
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Great culture and great coworkers but poor upper management

It's all flash and no bang. Nothing unique is good and nothing good is unique.Benefits are excellent.It's all about the devs and the folk producing the "next cool thing." Very little focus on training support to help the merchants with those "next cool things."They don't know how to manage their support department. They think general layoffs is a good response.

Points positifs

Coworkers, benefits... it all looks great to start.

Points négatifs

Poor upper management, no career movement/possibilities
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Peter Principle at its finest

Shopify grew so quickly and appointed existing employees into positions they were not qualified for. I worked for Shopify to gain experience in website e-commerce design and having much experience in running businesses it was painful for me to work for someone that wouldn’t last a day if they worked for me. It made the experience miserable. It’s too bad. They just grew too big too fast. If you are willing to win the affection of your incompetent lead you will do well. Otherwise you’re hooped regardless how qualified and capable you are.

Points positifs

Work from home and they supply all the necessary equipment

Points négatifs

Very low pay and organization living example of Peter Principle in a fast growing business
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Sick Culture and Bad Leadership

This company is undergoing serious restructured not only the physical org but also their core values. It loses its soul. It optimizes for short term gains because it doesn't have a vision. The owner loses the confidence after making costly wrong decisions.

Points positifs

Work from home

Points négatifs

Confused and stressful
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A Promising Community with Disconnected Leadership and Vanishing Job Security

Shopify's work culture, which was once renowned for its excellence, has taken a downward spiral due to a combination of mass hirings and two significant rounds of layoffs within a short period. The company's rapid expansion overlooked the importance of preserving the unique culture that made Shopify thrive. As a result, the cohesion and sense of belonging within the organization began to erode.The subsequent layoffs not only disrupted workflow but also contributed to a pervasive atmosphere of insecurity and mistrust among employees. The sudden termination of colleagues and the loss of valuable skills left many feeling unsettled and disillusioned. Consequently, Shopify's work culture has suffered a decline, with morale reaching an all-time low. The absence of transparent communication from top leadership has further deepened the divide between management and the workforce.
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