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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Sherwin-Williams?

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Build a positive atmosphere for staff, instead of segregating them. Pay your employees more.

Fire the terrible managers that treat people like nothing and only care about themselves

I agree. Isn't that just so obvious to hire parttimers to avoid adding them to group coverage. The least they can do is add on sales percentage or up the minimum wage so PT can afford to purchase their own insurance or pension plans.

Ditto to the answer regarding the addition of PT employees to the bonus structure and/or benefits. PT's currently receive zero benefits and yet comprise nearly 50 per cent of the workforce at the store level. Part timers are as important to the success of the company as full timers , the managers and the sales reps and yet get no recognition other than a miserly minimum wage.

Add part time employees to the bonus structure and offer them health benefits as management receives. They would work harder and care more about their job.

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