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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Tres bonne ambiance de travail. Jai beaucoup appris
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Amazing workplace

Good working condition, amazing support from supervisors. Got good opportunity to raise in position.Upper management is quite supportive in your learning and professional journey
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Best job overall, more promotion from within.

What is the best part of working at the company?Best benefits. Took good care of their staff.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?low wages, not enough coverage for positions.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Feels like a family . Treated like a human.What is a typical day like for you at the company?work till lunch. hour lunch work till 330
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Different everyday, good times

Decent place to work, great co workers enjoyed my time there I have to write a little more here because there’s a minimum character count But it was good
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Good Starting Point

If you consistently exceeds expectations, delivering top-notch results, then this company is an amazing starting point while you plan for your next moveThey have great benefits, commission, and a competitive salary.Once you get comfortable this position can be very rewarding.
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i can go on and on about the mistreatments and the unprofessional environment of this company. But apply with caution. I felt no sense of value, After trying to be professional and having meetings with their area manager andhis boss they simply did not care to understand of even take action of my issues within their work environment, they have truly put Shaw branding name to shame.

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public relations

Points négatifs

Very very cheap!
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Fantastic while it lasted

I spent 11 years at Shaw and loved most of it. Strong work ethic, excellent leadership, great employee support. The erosion of corporate culture, values and trust became rapidly evident as soon as the Rogers sale went through.
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Productive and fun working environment

The management cares about the employees. Excellent benefits (dental, health). The most enjoyable part of the job is to work with my fun and supportive colleagues
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Great experience

Trial by fire, which can be stressful at times, but makes a GREAT learning experience. 3 years experience is 3 years of varied, broad, and challenging experience.
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Great People

People there are great. Working in a call centre environment can be hit or miss. Breaks often missed or pushed due to business needs. Big push to upsell and negative repercussions if customers were unwilling to add more or if you prioritized customer service over sales.

Points positifs

Good people

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No flexibility
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Great culture and lots of opportunity for advancement.

I worked for Shaw for nearly 18 years and had a great experience. My leadership team was always supportive and I met many great friends while working there.
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Great leadership

Supportive leadership. Friendly culture. Fast paced environment and they value different opinions. Great place to work. Good benefits- dental but also TV/Internet
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Great Benefits and Compensation

Really good benefits, even for part time employees. Decent wages and commission for upselling customers. Some higher level management would prioritize their own personal needs before the company though.
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Fun work place

Great staff and co-workers. Need to work on corporate policies. Too many new managers and always want to tell you how to do your job when I’ve been here a lot longer than you.
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Great place to work

Great place to work, cooperative team and excellent career progress. Nice projects to handle.Little bit office politics but thats okay.Be humble to your seniors and always be truthful.
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Good benefits, sales pressure and expectations not so much

Benefits are great, you can allocate your credits to areas you need more (ex. Vision and dental vs pharmaceutical, emergency etc) good package and additional wellness bonuses.Sales quotas and expectations are high though, expected to hit target all the time… if you are close but dont make it for a few months they will write you up for it. Sometimes its rough because it feels like you’re competing with your own colleagues (especially the outbound sales team) and there can be immature workplace drama depending on the crowd. Overall was a decent place to work at to gain CS experience.
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Overall shaw is a good company

Pro: good money, the more you work, you get to paid more. Con: management was not good. when you sell a lot. Other agents will be jealous. Environment was not good if you are in sales
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Lots of micromanaging going on, interesting team dynamics. Nice office building. Pay was ok but not great. Learned lots though. Would not recommend to a friend
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Decent pay and good work culture

Decent pay with potential to earn commission. Employees and management were great. Only issue was uppermangement didn’t have direct communication with what was going on
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Used to be a good place to work

Once a fantastic workplace, recent alterations, including the loss of autonomy, have transformed it into a scenario reminiscent of Rogers, ultimately leading to their acquisition.
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Excellent work environment and HR policies

A fun place to work with plenty of nice people around who are always there to help and guide including managers. They support and understand the employees.
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