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Why did you leave your job at Shaw Communications?

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They cheat with event team specially after hire they change our salary and commission structure. Before start with this company think 10 times because after you in you will see actual things. Management is very childish and lots of favoritism. Just example: they said they will give us car expense but reality after start with the company they are saying they will give us T20 Form where we can show for TAX file.

Management Was childish and showed favourtism. Unrealistic expectations and lots of bad moral there. no room for advancement and too much effort little return. Management just sat and got fat while freaking out numbers were low and did not lead by example.

No work life balance! Rotation of schedule leaves you with unstability of your life. Hopefully you can trade with someone or you will be stuck missing out on your own functions. Having to keep an open schedule will always make work come before friends and family.

Pressure to sell. They have high expectations and I wasn’t even in a sales dept.

I feel i may need a change of pace. perhaps a 9-5 job and maybe a new challenge

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Ended my contract.

Contract ending

Family requirements back in BC

No growth in salary

Medical Reasons

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