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What are the perks offered by Shaw Communications?

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Great health benefits
assess to TV services for next to nothing prices

service awards after 3 years of service


Good Health benefits, Stock options, RRSP, pension, work life balance.

Health care benefit , Share purchase plan , Free parking, Paid Vacation etc

Benefits and commission structure is awesome

Pay structure was amazing initially but is getting weathered away more and more as time passes.

There is great employee pricing, and employee trials where employees can experience new technology in a testing environment before it's launched publicly. There are also great share purchase opportunities and some corporate partner discounts with other large companies.

Health benefits
Discounts on Shaw services

Good vacation

Competitive wages

Beautiful Facilities

Health coverage is the best. they will even pay for your laser eye surgery fully. also if you get laid off they will give you a very generous notice(a few months). just dont expect to be working there the whole time.

Really awesome benefits and discounts at various locations.

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