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Does the company have opportunity for people 55 y and plus?

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Not much but they do as long as you still can handle your job.

Réponse du - Installer Technician (Former Employee) - Calgary, AB

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When I first began with this company and participated in a staff meeting with all areas in Shaw in my city, I was quite surprised to see that 75% of the staff was under the age of 40. I thought to my self, this company has been around since 1966 and thought I would see much older staff, to learn from. I learned very quickly how every year they lay off more the 200- 2000 people and its by a number game. Not by your years of being there or lake of. Shaw will cut you away anytime they choose to. Not a very stable company as people are cutting their cable and landlines everyday. Which mean employees will loose the jobs, and as of January 2018 another 6500 employees will be let go again. In my time being with Shaw I have seen over 10,000 employees let go. They hire young because the over 55 are too smart and move on to a much more of a dream job.

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Not if they arent already working there, the entry level job is grueling, tech based and constantly being monitored for company metrics which doesnt suit the older working generation who are used to being left alone to get the job done right independantly.

Réponse du - Customer Advisor, Payment Solutions (Former Employee) - Victoria, BC

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