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Salaires par heure pour le poste : Registered Nurse chez SEVEN OAKS GENERAL HOSPITAL - Canada

Intitulé du poste
Salaire moyen
35,72 $ par heure
6 %
en dessous de la moyenne nationale
Moyenne 35,72 $
Faible 17,85 $
Élevée 53,60 $

Le salaire estimé provient de 25 employés, utilisateurs et emplois actuels ou publiés sur Indeed depuis les 36 derniers mois.

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Avis pour le poste : Registered Nurse chez SEVEN OAKS GENERAL HOSPITAL

Excellent Place to work

This is a job that requires critical and problem thinking skills. It provides the experience that any motivated nurse seeks. I love working at this hospital. There is adequate work-life balance opportunities especially for those who work 12 hour shifts. The out lay of the nursing unit is one of a kind that I have ever seen. It is like a maze that are in circles which allows for the nurses to always be close to the clients on the unit instead of the long corridors. A typical work day consist of taking the report from the off going nurse(s), assessing clients physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Administering medications and joining the allied team in nursing rounds to plan care for clients. There are ongoing assessments for clients and evaluation of care. There are various clinical skills to learn and enhance. Managing staff members and clients can be tedious at times but it is rewarding because it allow for perfecting my supervisory skills. Work place culture support for collaboration, support and understanding of one another both staff members and clients. The hardest part of the job is when there is a code 25 or code blue. Although there are team that is helping during these process it can become heart rending when a client decline in health. The team, nurses and family members are significantly affected. However, I enjoy my job when client are well enough to be discharge safely back to the community.

Points positifs

Caring and understanding staff members

Points négatifs

Reconstruction causing choatic moments
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No formal review

Fast paced ER when I was there. Some strong personalities that liked you or not. I witnessed bullying but did not feel bullied. Not much for mentoring new staff. While I worked there you either knew it or not. If you sank as a new staff that was your problem and there have been many new changes since I left my position so changes may also have taken place. Everyone's experiences are different!
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Combien gagne un(e) Registered Nurse chez SEVEN OAKS GENERAL HOSPITAL - Canada?

Le salaire moyen par heure chez SEVEN OAKS GENERAL HOSPITAL pour le poste Registered Nurse - Canada est d'environ 35,72 $, ce qui représente 6 % de moins que la moyenne nationale.

Les informations sur les salaires proviennent de 27 données partagées par des employés et des utilisateurs ou récupérées via des emplois actuels ou publiés sur Indeed depuis les 36 derniers mois.

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