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Decent hospital to work at

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Management is decent, most co-workers are alright. The workload is manageable but is often understaffed on nights. Other than that, it is slower-paced compared to most hospitals.

Points positifs

Free parking options nearby

Points négatifs

Can be understaffed
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Workplace is very convenient

Great place to work. Hospital management and managers are very good and very helpful. Lots to Learn especially working as a Unit Clerk in hemodilysis.
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Management issues

Management not the least friendly certain cultures have there clicks management knows this and does nothing unit management has controlled issues for the most part staff were friendly but my advice dnt trust anyone
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very satisfying and knowledgeable experience

i work mostly nights, time management is key along with patience and lots of empathy towards the patients. the staffs are really fun to work with just like any other workplace there are staff that will help you when you need it and there are those who don't. My typical day at work starts off from 11:30pm-11:45 pmwith taking report from the other HCA from the previous shift, 11:45pm-1:00am check on the patients take them to the washroom if they need to, check bed alarms, stock linens, diaper and pads, gloves, sanitizer. 1:00am-5:00 am let the patient sleep, answer call bells, do paperwork of input and output, patient list, fold linens, change wet or soiled diapers, turn patients hourly. 5:00am-7:30am give bed baths 2 on each unit so 6 a night or more if they soiled and wet themselves, turn patients, answer call bells, take patients to the washroom, clean colostomy bag, empty foley making sure to measure and record it every shift. 7:30-:7:45 report to the next shift workers. The hardest part of this job is sometimes you'll end up with a co worker who's lazy or tend to disappear just like any other workplace. Some of the patients are aggressive so you have to be on high alert. The hours are not much especially if your only a casual The most rewarding thing about this job is that you know at the end of the day you help someone some patients are so kind and they really appreciate your help.

Points positifs

it pays well

Points négatifs

not enough hours, and they tend to send you to different area of the hospital
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No formal review

Fast paced ER when I was there. Some strong personalities that liked you or not. I witnessed bullying but did not feel bullied. Not much for mentoring new staff. While I worked there you either knew it or not. If you sank as a new staff that was your problem and there have been many new changes since I left my position so changes may also have taken place. Everyone's experiences are different!
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Great Place to work

I enjoy working there and my coworkers are great to work with. I wish there was more opportunity for more hours and the ability to take classes and learn new skills to assist in career advancement
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Depending on which political party is in power, depends on how well staffed the hospital is. There is some truly amazing people that work there, but then there is horrible ones. Management isn't the greatest!

Points positifs

Good staff
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Recent WRHA takeover has impeded work place culture of innovation and initiative.

Seven Oaks was a wonderful workplace and a top performing hospital for many years, and its related entities, the Wellness Institute and the Seven Oaks Hospital Chronic Disease Innovation Centre are still great places to work, but the overall culture of Seven Oaks Hospital has been all but destroyed by so-called transformation that is led by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.
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Excellent Place to work

This is a job that requires critical and problem thinking skills. It provides the experience that any motivated nurse seeks. I love working at this hospital. There is adequate work-life balance opportunities especially for those who work 12 hour shifts. The out lay of the nursing unit is one of a kind that I have ever seen. It is like a maze that are in circles which allows for the nurses to always be close to the clients on the unit instead of the long corridors. A typical work day consist of taking the report from the off going nurse(s), assessing clients physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing. Administering medications and joining the allied team in nursing rounds to plan care for clients. There are ongoing assessments for clients and evaluation of care. There are various clinical skills to learn and enhance. Managing staff members and clients can be tedious at times but it is rewarding because it allow for perfecting my supervisory skills. Work place culture support for collaboration, support and understanding of one another both staff members and clients. The hardest part of the job is when there is a code 25 or code blue. Although there are team that is helping during these process it can become heart rending when a client decline in health. The team, nurses and family members are significantly affected. However, I enjoy my job when client are well enough to be discharge safely back to the community.

Points positifs

Caring and understanding staff members

Points négatifs

Reconstruction causing choatic moments
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Nice working environment for a person new to the job

I've only worked there for a month for internship and it was a great experience. Most things I've learned in college was applied to this job. The workplace is a great place to start.

Points positifs

People are ready to help when you need it

Points négatifs

Newcomers are blamed at easily
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Great learning environment

An average day at work was fast paced, spontaneous and required you to be assertive and professional. The reward was knowing i was helping patients, families and staff.

Points positifs

Friendly staff and supports, training & refreshing of skills, wage, benefit.etc

Points négatifs

Short staffed at times but dealt with it
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It's a good place to work

I enjoy working here, the staff in the area I work are awesome and the patients are a lot of fun.The hardest part of the job is winter when the work is a lot harder and messier.
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Fun place to work.

The DI department is great. People are passionate about care.
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Good work environment

Good work environment with friendly staff. Also all are employees are professional as well.
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Everything is very good.

I have learned many things in SOGH ex. teamwork, respect others, safety at work etc.

Points positifs

Doing double jobs
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Employment at Seven Oaks Hospital

A typical day at work for me starts at 2330. From that time I am checking the patient's room's for routine breathing rounds, emptying urinals, changing patient's who are incontinent, and repositoning patient's as well. Once that is done, I go around the unit and tidy up, then wait for callbells. At 0100, I do another breathing round, reposition, and change incontinent pads. At 0500, I reposition patient's again, change incontinent pads, and start my morning washes.What I have learned from the 4 years that I have worked at Seven Oaks Hospital is how to be extremely patient; with patietn's, family member's, and staff. How to organize and time manage myself. How important it is to work as a team and to communicate effecively. I have also learned how to cope in stressful situations which has made me quick on my feet.Since I work night shifts, I don't work with management.My co-workers are like my family. We respect eachother, we listen to eachother, we help eachother. And when a problem arises we deal with it as a team.The hardest part of the job is staying patient when you have a patient who is confused, verbally abusive, and physically abusive.The most enjoyable part of the job is helping and meeting all sorts of people and knowing that you made a difference in their lives.

Points positifs

internet access

Points négatifs

working night shifts
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