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Why would you want to work at ServiceMaster?

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  • Everyone you talk to on a personal level does NOT want to be there. This pace IS a revolving door as I suspected. You instantly feel it as soon as you walk in.

  • It has many different type jobs. One is bound to suit you.

  • Service Master Brampton Career site

  • Steady work, if you want to work it's available. With the new minimum wage coming in January it's even better. Unless you have your own vehicle; they do drive you to the site you are cleaning which is a bonus (travel paid too). I currently work there and have since early of '17, supervisors to me are great. You can really be yourself. But remember they are your boss as well. I work alone and love it; because I can challenge myself on how fast I can be done with the time allotted; if you are behind; boss is a phone call away and they are flexible which is nice. I'm a seasoned cleaner so time doesn't really bother me.

    The people are great. Co-workers are friendly. I get along with them all (and I usually don't lol).

    There are 2 types of jobs Floaters (that fill in for people, you could get a shift from 3 hrs to 6 depending on the site you're going to) or Full time (like me who have a certain site to clean and that site only- daily basis) so the hours are more predictive and a predictive pay check.

    This is not a job for lazy people. Like every job you apply for, you Have to be on time -this is pretty important aspect of this job. Clients are paying the company to clean their offices; and if one person is late it holds the whole crew up; and it's not really fair to others. They have to catch up on work that is missed by those that are just there to make a buck for the holidays etc. With the economy now a days; a job is a job so be happy you have one.

    The only downfall is there are no Benefits (dental etc). No perks (no timmies card for your birthday) so to speak. Go to work and go home.

  • Great part-time job to supplement earnings.

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  1. Why would you want to work at ServiceMaster?