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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez ServiceMaster?

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  • They really could care less if anyone leaves.There are so many managers in the back office .. why would it matter. It’s an investment for them so cheap labour is easy to attain from a temp agency.Anyone who is intelligent knows that.

  • Don't allow for supervisor/employee mockery of an establishment so widely known in Alberta for its fast emergency cleaning services. I saw upwards to 35 people fired in a week, half of which were because they stole, knew about the steeling, or weren't allowing the theft of student lockers, and high valued items "unsanitary" for the public. When 45% was put into the back of their own vehicle to be taken home. Unacceptable behaviour on the supervisors part. And for employees involved for the most part were dealt with.

  • Stop clients from micro-management

  • They dont staff for the job that they have and excepted a few people to do what 3 or 4 pople should do

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  1. Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez ServiceMaster?