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This company is truly not who they say they are.
SCI apparently prides itself on Service Excellence. Only the best for their families. That is until it costs them money and then their words turn to lies.
They will train you to only provide for the family what they need, but by the same token you will be chastised for a low UP-SELL rate. The company will use cardboard cremation caskets that can be unsafe to use as they like to buckle when in the cooler for a few days. Decedents have litterally fallen out of this cardboard caskets or the caskets have buckled in the process of pushing them into the crematory. Catching fire while half of it is still outside the crematory. But these caskets cost the company $17 and in turn are sold to our families for $225.00 So they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Antiquated equipment that didn't do the job from the beginning. Rat infested funeral homes with collapsing ceilings, mold and asbestos with no desire to fix them. But charging families full price for using their outdated facilitates. dilapidated Hearse that Priests have actually commented on and laughed at. Lifting equipment in the morgues is not adequate. Staff have been injured before in the past and decedents have fallen off shelves and lifts. Management will state that these incidents happened because help wasn't obtained. But when you are short staffed the majority of the time, . . . . . you are expected to do your job regardless. Watch your back with this company. Problematic employees always get recognition and the perks and their jobs never in jeopardy. The employees that pour their heart and sole in to this business
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everything else
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