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3,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Un bonne environment de travail en équipe.

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Je veux travailler au Service Canada mais tous mes efforts sont infructueux. Il est difficil d'obtenir un emploi içi ( en spécial à temp plein). Demande d'emploi se fait seulement pour travail occasionnel, quand par contre ils sont des projets sérieux dans notre vie.
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Can be stressful with a lot of information to learn. It can be hard for people like me to do well in the position. Meet some great people there..........
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Stress / bonnes conditions

L'environnement est très structuré, il faut être productif dans un temps limité. Les procédures sont nombreuses et longues à apprendre car on fait rarement deux fois la même chose.
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Good for work/life balance

Was there for 10 years and had mostly good managers. The busiest time of the year in grants and contributions was usually in the months leading up to year-end (March 31st) and April.

Points positifs

Flexibility, large department and opportunities for going to other branches/teams.

Points négatifs

Was behind private sector on the tech side.
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Good place to work

Training was good, calls were sometimes difficult but a lot of support provided. Good benefits & leave to take. Supportive management at least for me!
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Toxic management and opaque processes.

Management is exclusively yes people who are generally not independent thinkers. Leadership takes advantage of vulnerabilities in their staff. Have been told "you're not paid to think." I wouldn't work for this department, probably any in the federal government again if my life depended on it.
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Training barely prepares you for actual work.

It’ll be beneficial practicing with the systems before getting on the phones. However, there’s little to no practice until training is over.Work hours are 10-6 after training. Could get depressing in the winter time.
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There are plenty of opportunities to try and find the fit for you

Over the years I had some great manager and some poor ones. Often that individuals abilities and attitude will affect the work unit in either a positive or negative way.Workplace culture could be better. The staff themselves are great. Decisions made by upper management will affect the culture either way.

Points positifs

Many different opportunities to learn and grow

Points négatifs

Work - Home balance is more talked about then carried out
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Good Pay, demanding

Demanding position, working remote and being monitored through the day - pay is good but Phoenix pay issues can lead to problems. Management is fairly understanding but would prefer you have no issues that keep you away from work.
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If you can’t manage stress or don’t have photographic memory—RUN

Honestly the pay is great. But they don’t give you enough training so by the time you get thrown on real calls you don’t know how to do anything in the systems or what you are supposed to do. If you don’t do good enough within the time period they give you they will not renew your contract and you’ll be out a job. So stressful. I had panic attacks everyday when I was put on the phones for real. I didn’t know what to do or say and I felt like whatever I did wasn’t good enough. Great pay but can’t say much else.

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

Stressful, not enough training, short breaks, bad mental health, no breather time
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Stressful and unsupportive

They literally just care about bodies in seats, training is terrible no support, spread too thin no room for movement. Very disorganized difficult for staff to provide good service when they aren't supprted.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Everything else
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Lieu de travail agréable

Jaime bien leCote Équilibre entre travail et vie de famille , objectif atteignable, télétravail, accompagnement de la part des chefs d’équipe à la hauteur
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Challenging and fun workplace

I absolutely adored working with them. Things were clear on what needed to be accomplished in the short time I spent there. Any day I would go back and work with everyone again.
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This job is stressful for the amount you get paid. High turn over rate, the good thing is the job is remote but we will be returning to the office this year. My advice is don’t even start but if you have to good luck you’re going to need it.
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Not an easy job.

You are constantly under stress of reviewing the large plethora of procedures before deciding what is applicable to the current call situation. Salary is not even close to the work performed.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Constant Stress
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Processus de recrutement décevant et à la hauteur des critiques faites par le public à Service Canada

Tests de langues, divers tests écrits avant même d'avoir une entrevue... trois mois après les résultats des tests: honteux puisqu'à chaque fois, c'est du temps qu'on dégage pour effectuer toutes ces étapes du processus de recrutement.Ensuite, pendant l'entretien à distance, de nouveaux des tests. Ils ont le culot de prendre des références à l'avance pour ne pas ensuite contacter ceux-ci alors que tout bon recruteur qui se respecte ET a un minimum de respect pour les candidats, ne prend les références que lorsqu'il est certain de faire une offre. Peu importe qu'il s'agisse du gouvernement et qu'ils aient des milliers de candidatures: FAITES L'EFFORT DE NE PAS TRAITER LES GENS COMME DES NUMÉROS!
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This job is a lot more challenging then you could imagine! Multiple tests and hoops to junk through. Then taking calls is extremely hard work. The calls come in back to back with seconds in between one call ending and the next beginning.
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Good work/life balance

Allows you to work remote and time off for family and sick leave is provided. The nature of the work allows you to keep it separate from your personal life and confined to the work day.

Points positifs

Time off

Points négatifs

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This place is micromanaged into oblivion. Workers are under appreciated and receive no respect. You clock in, you clock out. Another useless day at service Canada

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Nice place to work

Love it here. Good pay, pension and benefits. Flexible work arrangements and good management. Also a good work life/personal life balance which is rare in today's world.
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It is very stressful. No work/life balance. Micro management while on call or breaks. Training is completely different than the actual work. Too much expectations
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