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#pride celebrations continue with amazing looks and our team feeling the love! 
#pridemonth #pridemakeup #toronto #canada #loveislove #pridemonth2019 #prideparade #sephoracanada #sephora #workingatsephora @sephora @sephoracanada @sephoralife @lvmh
Rouge Night ready! Let the eventing begin 💋

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Celebrating #PrideMonth across Canada! One of our very own @rhodericsia captured at Regina’s Pride Parade. #pridecanada #pride #sephora #sephoracanada #LOVEISLOVE
Kyleigh started with us last June and is almost at her 1 year anniversary with Sephora 💌 She is so passionate about skincare, our clients, and just about everything else that she does 💕 Kyleigh loves helping wherever she is needed whether it’s Cash, Operations and even sometimes Colour! These are some of the reasons she is so appreciated by our team 🌸 Come and visit this angel in skincare with any questions you have! Thank you for being you, Kyleigh ❤️ Swipe to see her 3 ride or die products @sephoracanadalife #repost @sephoracataraqui
Sephora’s parent company @lvmh announced a partnership with @unesco! #repost
On May 13th, 2019, LVMH announced the signature of a five-year partnership with @unesco to support Man and Biosphere (MAB) biodiversity program. Consistent with its longstanding commitment to biodiversity and following the conclusions of the 7th plenary session of the Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), the LVMH Group is teaming with UNESCO as a partner to the agency’s « Man and Biosphere » (MAB) intergovernmental scientific program, which aims to safeguard biodiversity across the planet. The MAB program provides an important framework for international cooperation to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is one of UNESCO’s major programs. 
#Biodiversity #UNESCO #Environment #LVMH
Sephora heavily invests in training for our store associates – not just product knowledge but building a personalized career plan with you so you can achieve your professional goals. #workingatsephora .
@lvmh @sephoralife @sephoracanada @sephora
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Work isn’t work when you’re learning with passionate and amazing people that continue to inspire you everyday! #workingatsephora #sephoracanadalife #sephoraedu @sephoralife @sephora @lvmh
Congrats to these three office team members for winning the Spring Cleaning Challenge! 🌺💋 @saritatparmar @tania_dg @ensign.amy

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