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Security Guard (Part Time) (Ancien employé) –  Toronto, ON24 avril 2019
I worked with this company about two years ago and it seemed they were more interested in their story about sneaking into TIFF then anything else.

Not a big fan of e-mailing them an invoice of my services and them paying me from there - in short - no invoice no money

Do not take the close protection course, it actually does not do anything for you outside of the company. It will not further you in any way

Your best intentions are not in mind. Every person I've dealt with in upper mgmt has a crazy sense of entitlement

It was just an overall bad experience for myself as I gained no knowledge or anything that could ever help me out in the security filed.

Lastly: you WILL be standing for over 6 hours with no break, if you sit down or do anything to ease the pain of standing for hours they will give you grief about it
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