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3,1Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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good job si vous êtes certifier pour l'être il faut patienté .et avoir du souffle car il faut beaucoup parler et rester debout tout le car de travail
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If you have to work, you could do worse

They are not good nor bad, beneficial nor a burden. They are the mosquito of the working world. I’m sure they have a purpose beyond mere annoyance, but I’m also certain that they could disappear and improve everyone’s life by their absence.
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Can Be A Great Career, It Depends On Your Attitude

I work in the Peterborough District and I must say that this is one of the best jobs I have ever had. I have been with Securitas now for 3 years and will likely be doing this for more years to come. I started out as part time but made it clear that I desired full time, and within a few months I was given all of the hours I could handle. The company places a high value on your dependability, integrity, availability, work ethic, and your attitude. Rate of pay depends on the contract at each individual site, it can be not much above minimum wage while other assignments can offer much more. Then there are some clients who like to pile as many extra duties on the guards as possible while still paying as low a wage as they can get away with. But in most cases the job is easy and low stress. If you prove yourself on the job, are willing to travel within reason, and the company likes you, they are more than willing to offer you plenty of hours including some OT if you are willing to work it. The company is unionized with excellent benefits which begin immediately upon employment. My Scheduling Manager is excellent and will do all they can to accommodate you in regards to hours, time off, vacations, leave of absence, etc. If you are easily bored or cannot stay awake at night, this job is not for you, but otherwise I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Points positifs

Easy work, reimbursement of licensing fees, boot allowance, paid sick days

Points négatifs

Contract work, varied rate of pay, varied hours
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It pays the bills

Easy job decent money, but hard on the head at times though. But have worked a lot harder for a lot less, and the people are good, management is hit or miss
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One of the least organized company

The place is clearly understaffed, I tend to do some overtime with no bonuses. Job isn't stable. The salary isn't very appealing either. People are often not professional, they're lazy, because tasks become really repetitive.
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Une expérience très enrichissante et positive

Un endroit pour travailler et évoluer dans un milieu cosmopolite. Apprendre à connaître les autres et travailler en harmonie pour la sécurité de tout un chacun.
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très bon atmosphère de travail, très bien gère.

être prompt est très vigilant au post La disciplineBonne directionAgréables a travailleTempérature au lieu travailLes respect pour mon travaille

Points positifs

La méthodes de travail .

Points négatifs

pas des climatisation dans plusieurs point travail !
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Very good place for work also for students and female

What is the best part of working at the company?Company respect the employees and aware about requirements of employees What is the most stressful part about working at the company?If you have not parmanent site you get random site so you go to new site every day What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Professionally culture in company and support students like college timing What is a typical day like for you at the company?When start a new site in Covid time and no one aware for restication enter to any areas need gloves masks sanitizer etc
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Easy job, terrible pay, and even worse management.

Worked for Securitas as a security guard at a healthcare place with forensic people for one year, for minimum wage. Took 6 months for them to switch the rotational schedule with horrible hours to a set schedule according to seniority/availability. My site supervisor told me that we weren't entitled of having breaks because we were security guards and that the company was paying us for the breaks. Horrible managers, unpaid worked hours, some extremely lazy/unreliable co-workers, poor/toxic work environment with no opportunity to growth.

Points positifs

Easy job

Points négatifs

Workplace harassment, horrible pay, no management, toxic environment.
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Bon salaire

Cette compagnie offre un bon salaire si on compare à la compétition. Cependant, cette compagnie fait plein de ''cheap shots'' aux employés pour économiser de l'argent.
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Good pay starting out, terrible hours & work environment

The pay is decent starting out. They start you as part time and transition you to full time based on seniority, but you still get plenty of hours as a part timer. The schedule is awful, with shifts starting as early as 3:00am and as late as 5:00pm, with management just throwing you on the schedule wherever they need coverage making sleep nearly impossible. The work environment is also poor. Everyone complains all the time. The senior employees don't like the new employees and purposely try to catch them making mistakes so that they can write them up with management. Very toxic. Overall, I would not recommend working here,
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No good working with this company

What is the best part of working at the company?This company is the worst company I ever worked for. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?You can not move from a desk, or go to washroom What is the work environment and culture like at the company?I don't like, they are Ganges What is a typical day like for you at the company?Bad always something stupid come up from the supervisor and Manger. Double standers
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Only pay is good

The pay is good. Your coworkers are all gossiping so it’s like high school. Management keeps changing and aren’t good. Hours are not good unless you have a accommodation, and lots of times late breaks
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Great company to work

Manager and staff are good, they provide good number of hours as your availability and always ready to help with whatever you require, they even reimburse the license fee
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Pire employeur a fuir

Salaire peu élevé vs le travailAmbiance toxiqueRessource humaine et direction atroceErreur fréquente de payeSysteme de paye compliquéIrrespectueux envers les employéA évité
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Very stressful, no support.

What is the best part of working at the company?Very poor , bad customer service experienceWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Bad leadership , not paying attention on worker needWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very bad , stressful and full of racism .What is a typical day like for you at the company?Doing work and responding to customer calls.
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It was a great place to work before Securitas stepped in

I worked with them for over 10 years. When I started, it was really promising, but was a different company at that point. It was a great place to work before Securitas stepped in, I wouldn’t recommend working for them if you have any other option.They took the life out of my workplace. Securitas cares about their financial goals only, and that’s clear to see when working for them.Horrible upper management and gossip.

Points positifs

The pay

Points négatifs

Quality of life
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Working with trailer drivers from Canada and USA in multicultural environment is educative and productive

Thursdays are the busiest daysSundays are the less busy daysI learned organizational and computer skillsI enjoyed working in multicultural environment

Points positifs

Dedicated and committed Security Guard as a first point of contact.

Points négatifs

Twelve hours shifts with multitask duties is stressful.
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Long hours and low pay

Great people to work with but the management was not great . They would get mad if you were cold and wanted to wear a jacket . The lunch room smelt like mould!
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Travail par contrat

Rentrer avec téléphone pour confirmer le quart de travail, faire des rondes intérieur et extérieur avec patrouille, surveillance des caméras, gestion des clefs appel d'urgence, informer clients, étudiants, donner des billets de contraventions stationnement, protection des immeubles, employés et étudiants. Bonne équipes quand ont peut les gardé, très stressant car des fois ont marche sur des oeufs.Faut avoir la couenne dure pour travailler sur se contrat car la plupart du temps les insultes et injures de certains employés et ou étudiants peuvent atteindre le moral.

Points positifs

Bon Employés et esprit d'équipe

Points négatifs

Salaire et assurance minimum
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entrevue bizarre et mal organiser. Donne faux espoirs

La personne qui était en charge des entrevues en attendant de combler le poste de conseillère en recrutement (pour le poste de congé maternité de 1 ans) était pas à l'aise de faire ce genre de tâche et cela paraissait au téléphone. Une fois l'entrevue téléphonique faite, tout c'est bien passé et il m'a demandé des dates d'entrevues présentiels et nous avions pas les mêmes jours commun puisque je travail la semaine. J'ai finalement donné carte blanche pour faire l'entrevue avec une journée qui leur convient et il m'a répondu qu'il allait me rappeller tout de suite après qu'il aie demander à son directeur pour savoir quel journée serait l'idéal. Après 1h30 d'attente, j'ai décider de le rappeller et il m'a dit que justement il allait m'appeller et il m'a finalement dit que son directeur lui a dit d'attendre ,car il y avait d'autre candidat à voir. Deception totale, jamais eu de retour d'appel et ils ont enlevé l'affichage de poste donc ils l'ont comblé le poste. L'expérience candidat était très mauvais et il m'a donné un faux espoir , car nous étions rendu à parler du 2e entrevues pour en présentiels et tout s'est envolé en un coup. J'ai pas aimé le sentiment.

Points négatifs

entrevue mal fait, mal organiser
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