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Que choisiseriez-vous d'améliorer chez Securitas?

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Lead by example inspire confidence and accept there prevous professional work exsperance and dtige out the ego trippers supervisor shuold be poeple persons

Tech Coach Mentor T C M learn to listen and inspire others gain some knowledge from yuor miltary vetrains cadets they been tougt leader ship skills
For instance buddy buddy system and rotating 4 hours gard duty 50 perscent stand down and 100percent stand two

Do hard work to make better your co than other 98th

Do. Your duty follow honesty integrity discipline atttitude honesy ij best

Get rid of the Union in Winnipeg

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Pay employees better and wither fewer issues of non-payment

Hire based on qualifications not who the people know.

Chnage the whole management team , and not lie to people during their interview by telling them things thats not going to happen.

Replace Management / Realize that the employees are people and treat them as such. Reinforce that the guard force is the driving force behind the company and offer support to the employees who service the contracts

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