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Why would you want to work at SECURIGUARD?

9 réponses

Why not?
The management is good.

They are friendly. Mobile give you ride in

case there is no Bus or Sky train.

Guards are important for them.

To get international exposure and serve humanity
Moreover to meet daily needs

Get international exposure and serve humanity as well

To take care of my family

We are in the world every thing is not perfect. no matter what happens.We have to stand and change that. Thats why i need to be security

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Becus i already security guard in Malaysia for 5 years and I like work in canada

I will like to work with SECURIGUARD so as to enable me applying my Policing experience and contributing immensely to the rapid growth and development of the said noble security company.

I want to change my working place and working with you here will add to my experience.

I wouldnt want to work for them its true they have a lot of sites ,
but at places like east hastings where theres no security for you and youll have to face less fortunate people who would threaten you , exposed to use syringes condoms and all that while you get paid 11 hourly.....

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