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What is the company culture at SECURIGUARD?

3 réponses

Company knows its duties toward their employees

Work hard, take all the overtime you are offered and make sure you don't get hurt, Free Bbq.

Don't complain, Company knows their rights and knows you don't know yours... will get you to quit instead of the hassle of firing you.

The CEO cares alot about his staff... the question is what exactly does he care about... because he isnt making anyone feel safe who actually works for the company.

My Co-workers are awesome, the company hires go getters... and if your smart after a few months you will get the heck out.... My time is up.. its just a matter of time before the Executive Fires me... I'm not quitting,,, I'm in for the long haul, I really wanna make sure everyone else I care for leaves before I do... 9 down.. 6 to go.

There no culture apart from make me people work for you , while you get paid the big bucks and while they earn the bare minimum

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