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Seaboard Transport was incorporated in 1964 as Seaboard Liquid Carriers with one truck and trailer transporting petroleum products throughout Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Through the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s, Seaboard continued to grow by acquiring various transport companies in the province of Nova Scotia.

Seaboard Liquid Carriers became known in
 – plus... the 1990’s as Seaboard Transport Group as it diversified its business to include the specialization in petroleum and bulk mining commodities along with a specialized freight division. In the mid- 1990’s, the Seaboard Transport Group solidified its presence as a leader in transporting bulk petroleum with the acquisition of Lake City Transport.

In 1998 Harmac Transportation, a petroleum and liquid chemical transporter, was acquired which resulted in Seaboard becoming a bulk carrier with coverage from Ontario to Newfoundland with many transport lanes throughout the United States. Harmac Transportation was at that time known as a leader in the petroleum transportation industry in Ontario. It was during this purchase that the marketing image became Seaboard/Harmac. This new image emphasized the combining of two great bulk liquid carriers and further solidified Seaboard/Harmac becoming a leader in the transportation of bulk petroleum and chemical products in Atlantic and Central Canada.

The growth of the company has continued with the acquisitions of Great Western Resources, a dominant propane carrier in Ontario, and Tudhope Cartage, a major petroleum carrier in both Ontario and Quebec. Expansion has continued into the United States with the 2006 acquisition of A.J. Weigand, a bulk chemical carrier located in Bolivar, Ohio with a terminal in South Carolina. In 2012, the Seaboard Transport Group introduced the Harmac North America Brand which in includes the AJ Weigand operations as well as our Harmac Logistics division. Also in 2006 Harmac Transport became the first transportation carrier to become a verified partner of Responsible Care in Canada.

Since 2010, the Seaboard Transport Group has continued to expand within Ontario and into Alberta. GA Foss Transport, a leading bulk carrier in Ontario, was acquired in 2010 which allowed for Seaboard to increase its presence in the Ontario petroleum and bulk liquid transportation market. 2010 marked the year in which Seaboard expanded into Western Canada with the acquisition of Mantei’s Transport based in Calgary and Edmonton. In 2011, Seaboard further expanded the organization’s footprint in Western Canada with the acquisition of Wiebe Transport; based in Grande Prairie with terminals in Sherwood Park, La Crête and British Columbia. In 2013, Seaboard acquired R and G Transport, a petroleum and bulk liquid transporter, based in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Since beginning in 1964, the Seaboard Transport Group has specialized in the bulk liquid transportation business while emphasizing growth opportunities through sound safety programs and business practices.

The Seaboard Transport Group is proud to be members of the following organizations:

Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association (APTA)

Partners in Compliance (PIC)

Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response (TRANSCAER)

National Tank Truck Carriers (NCCT)

Responsible Care Verification

Ontario Trucking Association
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