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They discriminate against the Caucasian’s, and we were born here, they allow rediculous modifications for other ethnic groups regardless of experience ie. a nurse put on a dementia floor with no experience because she wants to bring her dog to work (not a service dog), another because she wants to be on an upper floor because she has to have a view of the mountains. They allow the ethnic groups to get away with bullying that Caucasian staff have quit, they allow the ethnic groups to take pictures of you without your knowledge while at work and that’s ok. Hiring individuals that are not educated in lifts and transfers putting your nursing license on the line.
And if you come forward with concerns and accusations about the discrimination representing the Caucasian staff they fire you. But they get away with whatever they want. I would never allow a loved one to stay there because the atmosphere is toxic and with no union, no job security

Réponse du 27 juin 2019

I worked at SE when I was younger and truly had good memorable working experience. I recently applied and was shocked at the lowered standard. HR called to set up phone interview. I missed that call and attempts to call back was ignored. Not the greatest first impression. I'll save myself the trouble of calling back. Very rude first impression. Times changed

Réponse du 24 mars 2020

Yes , of course they are, because they know they do little to keep employees, and they must continually replace those who quit, very costly way to do business! But they've got poor, lazy, little managers in the office who dont have skills, knowledge,nor motivation to keep good employees.

Réponse du 15 juin 2019

Awesome company. As a Registered Nurse I have been supported and given lots of positive feedback from my supervisor.

Réponse du 11 octobre 2019

You can wear either uniform or scrubs. Something professional.

Réponse du 17 juin 2018

Start with paying nurses accordingly, hire well trained office staff

Réponse du 14 avril 2020

Nothing they take you even if you don't have psw papers

Réponse du 6 juin 2019
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