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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez SE Health?

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They discriminate against the Caucasian’s, and we were born here, they allow rediculous modifications for other ethnic groups regardless of experience ie. a nurse put on a dementia floor with no experience because she wants to bring her dog to work (not a service dog), another because she wants to be on an upper floor because she has to have a view of the mountains. They allow the ethnic groups to get away with bullying that Caucasian staff have quit, they allow the ethnic groups to take pictures of you without your knowledge while at work and that’s ok. Hiring individuals that are not educated in lifts and transfers putting your nursing license on the line.
And if you come forward with concerns and accusations about the discrimination representing the Caucasian staff they fire you. But they get away with whatever they want. I would never allow a loved one to stay there because the atmosphere is toxic and with no union, no job security

The amount of unpaid work is unbelievable! Sure you can try and turn your cell off ,or not talk to them, but it all affects how you're perceived, this injustice is not only strongly supported but is fostered in Saint Elizabeths culture. Your 24 hour availability is the unspoken expectation. So when you agree to see a client outside of your shift, the supervisor may have agreed to negotiating "extra pay". But all the time spent, talking wth coordinators (which always ends up to be lengthy with an add on ) and doing this negotiating with supervisors, can add up to over an hour, at least. then you have a new client. The "extra pay" can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and you have to spend your time, again, following up with coordinators to ensure its been added to your chegue. There can be lots of time spent waiting for supplies to arrive that impacts your personal time, unpaid. There are many issues that are not accounted for in the visit hourly rate, and are assumed" to be part of any visit. Now ,when every visit consists of changing variables, unpaid time becomes highly critical. The routine visits are targeted and pay is reduced, therefore it doesnt balance out. When Delivery center managers have little to no nursing training , the frontlines have to realize this ,and adjust their expectations, that they, the fronlines, in essence, are carrying the burden of health care. They are paying for healthcare out of their own pockets.

If you are frontline, rn or psw , you are on your own. Its tough to do your job and maintain your job, which is a lot of unpaid work! If you are green, you will be abused more, and you wont understand how or why, because the team wont remember to tell you how it works. They go through so many new peop ahe time! You wouldnt believe it even if you heard it all at once. The coordinators are also new, so they dont do a good job either! Its a and I feel sorry for the patients, and the good workers caught up in it

Toronto Central SDC is great, they are team building, great communication, learning opportunities. Competitive wages and they have increased the hourly wage for some areas.

There is a big gap between the management, RNs and the front line workers. The core values of the company is not practiced by the administration. Morale is very low among front line workers. Managers sent out emails that are insensitive and unprofessional. Dictating instead of influencing, encouraging and building morale among its vital foundations.

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You’ll have good supervisors or bad ones. Coordinators too who book your appointments. Communication between all can be difficult since they don’t seem to be on the same page and lots of turn over. Great to get added certifications to add to your portfolio. Pay is the lowest in community that I’ve seen.

Negative environment; very political. Best way to describe it: Make sure you cover your back, or you will be thrown under the bus.

Actual client care as health professional great as this is in therapist control and professional standard.

Not too many happy frontline workers. Even when concerns are expressed over and over they are not addressed

Amazing. Saint Elizabeth cares about their clients and their well being and wants to make sure they are healthy and happy as well as keeping the staff happy.

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