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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez SE Health?

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I worked at SE when I was younger and truly had good memorable working experience. I recently applied and was shocked at the lowered standard. HR called to set up phone interview. I missed that call and attempts to call back was ignored. Not the greatest first impression. I'll save myself the trouble of calling back. Very rude first impression. Times changed

Apply and phone. meet up with a staff member. go to a hiring event.

Apply online. huge turnover

Housekeeping in st Elizabeth how much in Toronto?

Just apply online or go to their office and drop off your resume. They're always hiring since the turnover is very high. For nurses, it seems like their preference is for new grads and inexperienced nurses since the pay rate is significantly lower than other visiting nursing jobs and they are not in a union so management can get away with a lot of things

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I wouldn't recommend any RN work there unless many of the presnt lowewr mgmt staff are removed

Apply online or drop resume in the office

Online Application

Apply online

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