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La formation était à la hauteur, mais une fois passé les 6 semaines de formation on est laissés à nous même. Si on a du mal avec un client, on doit le mettre en attente et appeler un superviseur pour demander conseil (on peut attendre 30 minutes pour qu'un superviseur décroche parfois), et ce temps d'attente est considéré comme un temps de repos. Trop de pression, horaires pas du tout flexibles. Mais cela dit, l'équipe est très sympathique, ils font de leur mieux pour qu'on se sente bien, et il y a de très bons bénéfices!
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stressful & careless unfortunately

-managers manipulate & put lot of pressure, -does not recognize that their system is faulty,-they make promises they don't keep-do not consider suggestions for improvement from employees

Points positifs

nice colleagues
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Reasonable hours in an unreasonable market which is refreshing

First time in over 20 years working in Marketing that I have joined a team that has reasonable hours, fair expectations, clear direction and human driven management that treat you like a person and are interested in your development.
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Great brand but lags 2 decade of progress

Very back dated IT infrastructure and senior management mindset also lags any current trend. The job and benefits are good but the pay is either average or less than average compared to the industry standard.
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Horrible branch culture. Most of the staff left or went on some kind of leave. They tried to force people to come back and lot of people left because of that. Management is not trust worthy and only cared about their advancement.
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Good opportunity for movement

Good overall company. Benefits are mediocre. Wide range of positions with training opportunities. Management can be hit or miss. Depending on the department hours can vary.
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Great colleagues / Leadership and Management needs work

Great colleagues to work with. Team environment is good. Leadership and Management needs work in terms of commitment and support. Do not accept any promises from management unless its written
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Totally Broken

I really enjoy working in the banking industry and have had great experiences with co-workers and customers. I recommend the industry but not this FI. The systems and proceedures are overdone, fragmented, and regularily fail. The bank has created a convoluted operation obsessed with risk management. Their indifference to the need for effeciency and user friendly processes is unduly taxing on Customers and Tellers alike. The Branch Manager isn't interested or concerned by the frontline's challenge to meet basic customer needs, rather on positioning themselves to recieve credit for branch sales succesess. Not a good look! and likley a catalist for teller turnover.

Points positifs

Good co-workers

Points négatifs

Unqualified Management
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An OKAY place to work

I enjoy my time here and the team and management are friendly and engaging. The only drawback is that the pay is really bad when compared to their competitors and the amount of work and expectations set for employees at a higher level is too much and unrealistic. All in all, I am speaking for myself that the workload itself is stressful however the team members make it very pleasant. And yes, you don't get paid enough for the amount of work you'll be doing.
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Productive and fun workplace

Everything was nice. Pay is always what got me. Always paid less then other bank. I started at 14.50 in 2018, got a raise to 16$ in 2019. Lost the increase I got at the end of 2018 since of salary raise. They did it again later. losing all seniority I had. Why increase everyone and make your oldest one paid the same as other. Disrespectful. Manager told me they couldnt do anything.

Points positifs

Sometime free lunches, nice coworker
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Stressful. Typical corporate environment that requiressucking up to get ahead

If you dont care about pay and benefits work fir them. Cheap and unprofessional work ethics. Managers are not professional. They want results but dont pay well. They threat you if you dont deliver what they want. Not a healthy environment for your mental well being.
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Manque de respect envers les employés et utilisation constante d'un mauvais langage, aucune possibilité d'avancement et pas de poste permanent en entrant, je déconseille
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Good company to work

Great company to work! You have benefits even working as a part-time employee . Great manager support and training for new hires and a lot of flexibility as a part time employee.
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Scotiabank is a great place to work

I have worked for 23 years for this bank full and part time as I raised 4 children working for this company. I'm very happy to work for them, as It has helped me with full and part time as I needed different hrs throughout my years. I feel it's a safe environment flexible honest 2 way communication with all departments. I highly recommend Scotiabank
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Working with Scotia Digital is Amazing

Very nice and supportive management to work with, always shows appreciation and respect.Work flow was smooth, everyone can easily reach out to solutions and support. Some days there is pressure like any job. Culture is amazing! People are professionals. I enjoyed every day working with this department.
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Bad place to work for so many reasons.

I worked here a few months ago and left when I discovered that Scotiabank (and banks in general - I've worked in three now) is an absolute horrible place to work. Here's how it works. First off, banks never* hire you on a permanent basis. You will be on a never-ending contract (I was set on three different contracts, and no permanent employment). They could set you on any kind of length; 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc. Yes, you read that right...they will even set you to be on a contract FOR OVER A YEAR and EVEN THEN! they won't permanently hire you. Second, the job descriptions & responsibilities DO NOT MATCH what you are told during the interview/pre-hiring process. This is a big problem, because you are walking into a position thinking you know how to do something, but you are told to do 10 different things during your work shift (AND PRIORITIES CHANGE OVER TIME WITHOUT NOTICE). Third, there is SOOO much office politics & sneaky things going on in the finance/banking workplace (people talk behind your back, they blame you when things go wrong, etc). that honestly, you're on your very own. If things go downhill (even if the slightest problem occurs), you will be blamed. Absolutely no loyalty + stress + no growth + no permanent employment + office politics & childish employees = DO NOT WORK AT ANY BANK.

Points positifs

absolutely none

Points négatifs

No permanent employment, childish employees + office politics, inaccurate job duties & descriptions, no career growth whatsoever, etc.
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Team work, respect and responsibility for the clients needa to bring branch to first number rewards.

Was excellent experience learning a lot of new skills and knowledge regarding banking and finance and excellent memory working with Scotiabank. I'm really appreciate Ceadarbrae plaza Scotiabank branch to accept me as a member of team., and I'm Proud of work 14 years with Scotiabank.
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Don't do it

Need to be able to put aside your morals to work for Scotia. They say it is all about the customer but then berate you for not pushing products onto them. It's all about the sale. When you meet/exceed sales goals no one cares but you are belittled when you don't. They push you through training as fast as possible and when you ask for help they just say "well you did the training you should know this". Very predatory tactics- at the beginning of COVID there were a lot of pre-approved credit card leads for people who were unemployed or had little / no income. Clients were best part of the job, but you need a low moral compass to work here. No life, no fun- don't even get a hello or good morning. The only way to talk to HR is through an email and they just tell you to look at the policy, no support. Your hard work is never enough for management- they just want more more more. You are paid medium/low wages, badgered every morning, and then get an email saying that the "bank is doing great- made 4 billion this quarter thanks for you hard work"- but you don't see any of that just keep pushing you harder and harder to milk a sale from a customer.

Points positifs

Some nice coworkers

Points négatifs

Shark like sales mentality. Don't really care about customers deep down- all about $.
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High stress, low pay

Very high stress with little pay. Benefits were good but managements attitude towards upselling was horrible. Lots of people went on stress leave. High turn over
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Not like working at a typical bank

Scotiabank is such a fantastic place to work, both at the corporate level and the branch level. The culture is strong in a positive way - that is to say that the values spoken of by leadership are true and employees can feel it, and you are respected for your contributions. This is a wonderful place to work for people who want to go far in their careers - you can have several careers in one spot!

Points positifs

Career advancement, culture, people, leadership, diversity

Points négatifs

Politics at times
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Worked in various departments . I had two really good managers but the last one was very rude and ignorant , which made the envitonment more toxic

UnknownI wasn't feeling that the commute to Scotia wasnt worth it. , due to the toxix management style. My last mNager and the Director was very ignorant

Points positifs

Nice people to work with
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