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Réponse du 28 mars 2017
Scotiabank was the most toxic environment I had ever encountered. The managers literally swore at the staff for missing sales targets that had quadrupled in three years. There was no sense of integrity. You were praised for actions that ripped off customers at long as you didn’t get caught. Any complaints would be dumped on the front line staff even-though management encouraged actions that led to complaints. Promotions were 100% about politics. Great colleagues were pushed aside even if they tried to mind their own business and their positions given to people with an utter lack of competence but played political games with management. Anybody that tried to stand up and have even possibly blow the whistle on this was quickly dealt with. Do not ruin your mental health by working for this company. They are utterly corrupt and if you do work for them, you’ll see this within a few weeks.
Réponse du 21 mars 2017
Give employees the tools they need to succeed, decent technology, decent training and the ability to reach out to support staff for help when needed.
Réponse du 21 mars 2017
Conservative business attire
Réponse du 6 mars 2017
Update the old system to make it easier and convenient for the staff.
Réponse du 19 novembre 2018
Horrible, they are the absolute worst company ive ever worked for, and i feel horrible for their staff ( and former staff)) for being overworked.
Réponse du 1 octobre 2018
amazing company, overall greatest people to be around
Réponse du 21 novembre 2018
Health Benefits, Pension Plan, Employee Share Plan, End of Year Performance Bonus
Réponse du 5 avril 2018
It's good you go through the HR head office you meet them on face time and after words you go to see the manager at the bank sometimes you just get hired through the HR without having interview with the bank manager or assistant manager
Réponse du 14 mars 2018
Monday to Friday
Réponse du 10 janvier 2018
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