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good place to start but do not expect too much other than that
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Retail environment with few wins.

Working at Value Village just feels like any other retail environment with the added of people coming in for stealing on daily basis. The goals and sales quotas are generally high, this makes the work environment feels busy and overworked most of the time. On the other hand, the company has one of the best structures or advancements I have ever seen. If you feel retail is your goal, then value village will give you all the tools needed to quickly advance on it.
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It is a good job if you want to just get by

While I appreciate the team that I worked with, it was not the best place. There were new rules every 2 days and not enough people to take care of the shifts so those that came to work were overworked
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It was okay, people working with me were wonderful and the discount was definitely great but upper management needs a reality check. The workers need to be paid a living wage.
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My first job at 16, I really enjoyed it

Loved the coworkers I worked with; they were either my age or early 20s in university; very down to earth people, we engaged in team work and actually hung out outside of work. The management was also fair other than one woman. Very sweet people & I worked a lot that summer saved up 3k, gave me plenty of hours :)
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Very hard work and not compensated for it

Your day starts stressful and ends very tired. The management does not care about their employee, they make you feel unimportant. Definitely, not a recommendable place to work.
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Friendly coworkers and a great discount, but such long hours of work

I personally don't like working here. I work 8 hours every shift with only a 30 minute break, when it should be an hour. My schedule is always messy and unorganized, when I say I want to work 20 hours a week my management would give me 30 hours. The hours are also pretty uneven and unstable. My managers are friendly but they sometimes micro manage my every move and criticize me for anything that I do when I'm really just getting the job done. I'm always physically and mentally drained after each shift and it is definitely not worth it.

Points positifs

great discount, friendly coworkers

Points négatifs

physically and mentally draining
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The workers are very nice

There are a lot of people stealing and the workers try their best to prevent the customers from doing so. It’s a productive work environment. It takes a lot of work to keep the floor clean, the supervisors make sure it stays clean throughout the day
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Unorganized chaos, great co workers

Extremely repetitive and hard on the body. Not paid a fair wage for how hard you must work. Better off working in a factory for more pay with how repetitive the work is. Raises are far between and small. Poor leadership skills and favoritism. No feedback on how you're doing in your role. Constantly unorganized and chaotic. Will push hard to meet quota and could care less the stress employees are put under with no thanks given unless you're working the tables or are a chosen favorite. Find a better paid job with less stress!

Points positifs

Great co workers

Points négatifs

Repetitive and chaotic
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Fast paced & physically exhausting

it can very stressful both physically & mentally & you will constantly have to cover multiple job positions do to being shorthanded all the time.

Points positifs

cool co workers

Points négatifs

Physically & mentally exhausting
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Dangerous work

Lots of heavy lifting. If you’re going to work here, don’t do it long term. There’s really nothing to gain from working here. I got a concussion and got told I had to work the next day. Lol.

Points positifs

decent team environment

Points négatifs

zero lenience
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Horribly stressful; abusive managers

The sales floor managers except maybe 1, yelled at staff constantly, treated staff like dirt. I saw two people quit within their first day of working because of this. Crying in the washroom. Very poor communication within the department I was in. Awful place to work.
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Was great , not anymore

The Chatham value village was a lovely and warm work environment with amazing coworkers you can really bond with! Was. We got a new manager and he doesn’t care about the employees as much as our old manager did and isn’t too pleasant to work with. Very sad and upset about the changes in the store and team, I don’t reccomend working there anymore only because of that.
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The coworkers were the best part of this job but besides that it’s just overall repetitive work

The pay is not worth the work they give you. There was really no training process, you were just expected to know everything after watching a few videos.

Points positifs

Free coffee

Points négatifs

Break schedule
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Management is a mess

Loved the people I got to work with, created some lasting friendships but management needs to change. Not paid fairly for the amount of work/jobs you’re doing, management blames the employees for everything that goes wrong when they have a system that makes no sense, expects employees to go above and beyond just to be yelled at and degraded (by your managers) when trying your best. They preach one thing and then do the complete opposite but since they’re management they’re allowed to. They are not open to changing anything so even if you come to them with concerns they will basically say “yeah yeah but we can’t do anything about that.” Managers will stand around and criticize your every move but won’t do anything to help out when you truly need it.

Points positifs

Getting to go home at the end of the day

Points négatifs

Terrible management
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manageable and fun workplace

i’ve worked at value village barrie for almost a year, and i’ve really enjoyed my time here. my coworkers are largely nice and engage in friendly conversations, while the supervisors and managers actually care about you as a person, which is pretty great. the work itself isn’t very hard (i work as a cashier and sales associate) and doesn’t take long to learn.

Points positifs

respectful environment, manageable workload

Points négatifs

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Poor management

If management was more observant this would be a much better place to work. You work your butt off and other people don't with zero consequences. It makes a frustrating place to work with bad wages. No AC in the summer and it gets unbearably hot in there.
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Value Village is alright

Value village is okay, it’s fun to work with the clothing and put it on the floor, rolling can be strenuous especially when you’re the only one doing it all day.
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Hostile work place no communication unappreciated underpaid

Seasoned employees that harass new employees and new managers. Seasoned employees run the show. No respect given to new employees toxic work place.No work life balance. Bad management. Management constantly changing no clear job description.
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Fun and supportive workplace

good first job. The community was very friendly and nice. As a highschool student, it is the perfect place to work at. The workload isn't too stressful and its easy to balance work and social lfie
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Bad management/ Good people

The people I worked side by side with were awesome but the pay, benefits and the work it’s self was not great. Management had high expectations but never rewarded any one who wasn’t brown nosing.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Pay, Work conditions
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