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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Village des Valeurs?

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  • The interview process was many, many behavioral questions. Some a little uncomfortable to answer such as: "how would you react to a family member if they told you that you needed to change something about yourself?" I asked for the question to please be repeated. I felt it a little invasive for a job interview. I expressed my concern and didn't receive a second interview.

  • This is two stages

  • Interview will base on your experience and understanding about the position being applied for otherwise they ask some few questions for their convince

  • It was ok standard interview

  • Online assessment followed by phone call and finally face-to-face interview.

  • The interview process mostly takes about 30 minutes. The applicant has to answer a few questions about their job experience, why they want to work at V.V., job scenario's etc.

  • Ask you lots of problem solving questions.

  • It's very basic, as long as you can provide examples of times you've acted with integrity and can show a strong work ethic, you're likely to get the job.

  • The interview process is very through and in depth. Getting to know the individual and informing them of the expectations of the job.

  • Interview process is in 2 stages, depending on the position being applied for. Interviews are very thourough, even through in store promotions.

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