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Quelles questions vous a-t-on posées lors de votre entrevue chez Village des Valeurs?

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  • -What previous company did you like the best and why?

    -tell me about a time you made a change for the work place and how did you overcome it?

  • -We had to role play the part of a cashier position
    -why did you apply here?

    -tell me about a time a customer had a compliant and how did you handle it?

    -tell me about a time you seen someone being dishonest or mean to a customer or an employee and what did you do about it?

  • How can we make working for us better

  • 2 interviews and the location I work at checked every reference. They almost didn't offer me a job because one of my references was on vacation.

  • They don't even check the references that they ask for and they ire whoever the heck they want

  • They ask mainly about situations you’ve been in where you’ve had to lead a group. How would you deal with certain situations.

  • Can you keep up with the heavy work load? Have you ever missed work due to illness or children, Do you get along with others, Have I ever Ordering stock, planed break schedules, did I have experience with bank deposits, bank runs, and being a cashier?

  • Name a time where you dealt with a difficult customer

  • - give an example of a time you had to multi-task and how did you manage it
    - problem scenarios with the cash or customers

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  • Quelles questions vous a-t-on posées lors de votre entrevue chez Village des Valeurs?