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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Village des Valeurs?

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  • L'ambiance avec les employées tres tres bien mais les patrons médiocre

  • There is some degree of nepotism and insolent management with really low standards. They will team up and fabricate lies in order to make you quit. People, even supervisors, generally don't stay longer than few years or months, with some exceptions. Hard, honest labour doesn't mean more money.

  • You are expected to work as hard as you can, all day for minimum wage. If you can't you are not supported but documented.

  • They people are fantastic!

  • Some days it's great. Work flows smoothly and everyone is doing what they need to. Other days it's like a nightmare. If your closing expect to be there later than your scheduled for and prepare for cart fulls of stuff left everywhere.

  • • Possess higher national diploma in Accounting
    • Constantly upgrading industrial knowledge through training

    • Achieving above average results by being practical and analytical

    • Excellent customer services ethics and rewarded for being prudent and smart with customer negotiating skills

    • Computer skills consist of Internet, Email, Computer for works certification obtained

  • Very fun place to work. Highly focused on team work and communication.

  • Very positive, friendly, and fast past.

  • It is hard work, Management and co-workers were all friendly, supportive, and pleasant to work with. No difficult people working there..

  • It is a good environment to work in and very multicultural.

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  1. Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Village des Valeurs?