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  • It really depends on where you are. I live on the east coast of Canada and everyone was wearing casual clothes. It also depends on the job you have. If you are a sales associate (working on cash and greeting customers,) You could wear casual shoes. They also make you wear a vest with the company’s logo on it. They may be a bit strict with the patterns on your shirt, but it really depends. However if you are in the warehouse you should at least be wearing a pair of sturdy shoes. (Hiking or snow shoes that come up to your ankles.) but it is highly suggested that you get a pair of safety shoes or steel toed shoes to protect your feet. Depending on where your working you may also have to:Wear a red shirt.Wear black pants.Wear closed toed shoes. (Usually black.)No logos or clothes with brand names on them. (Think; Supreme, Gap, Gucci.)No bags on warehouse floor/no personal items.Safety shoes highly recommended or depending on the location absolutely necessary.In general Value Village has a very loose dress code. You need not worry because most locations don’t have a set dress code. Some locations care more then others but there’s not much you can do about that.I suggest that you should at least wear jeans that do not have rips in them, and a plain shirt. Keep in mind that some stores may allow you to have patterns but not logos. Always wear closed toed shoes that don’t draw to much attention and if you are working as a shelf stocker wear a sturdy hiking boot or better a safety boot that is certified by you government.

    Réponse du 9 septembre 2021
  • All positions in the store require customer service, so dress with this in mind. No active wear is allowed (no hoodies, sweat pants, yoga pants). No tights, unless they are under a dress, skirt or shorts; skirts and shorts must reach the knee. No tank tops, unless under a cardigan. No sandals, for safety (broken glass, etc.). No head wear unless it is religious, or part of company uniform (Community Donation Center Attendants and Recyclers only). All clothing must be clean and in good repair (no torn jeans). No prominent company logos on clothing. It's a pretty easy dress code, and if you're not sure if something is going to be appropriate, either choose something else or discuss it with your manager first. The dress code policy is reviewed before people start work.

    Réponse du 10 février 2019
  • Supposedly there was one? By the time I left people wore whatever they wanted.

    Réponse du 16 juin 2021
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