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je souhait de retrouver ce travail le plus vite que pour garder mes etudes et mes chose en equilibre merci.
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Horrible place to work

They will overwork you to death if you're good at your job. Horrible management who doesn't actually care about the people. Good benefits though. That's the only thing

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Good benefits

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Fast-paced customer service job

Save On Foods is a pretty large grocery company, so it's almost always busy. The management is pretty good though, and very understanding in terms of mental and physical health.

Points positifs

Free food now and then, good people

Points négatifs

Extremely busy at peak hours
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Was a nice working enviorment

I enjoyed working here. The employees were friendly and welcoming. They were very flexible with my schedule for my requested hours. The workload varied depending on how many customers there was.
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Easy to understand, but stressful work environment.

Save on foods is both easier to enter, and easy to leave, because most jobs there are easy to understand and carry out without supervision. However, the pay is bad and raised are meagre. It can be difficult to have managers take all of the easier tasks, while ordering subordinates to do less enjoyable tasks, such as taking out garbage.The Managers at save on foods often nag, not severely, but constantly, making it a stressful environment to work in.

Points positifs

Most tasks are easy enough to understand.

Points négatifs

Payroll doesn’t always pay on time, and managers are unhelpful and rude.
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Fun workplace

Nice atmosphere. Very well managed. Not much stress. Salary is good. Lot of fun activities every month. Management is also nice. Supervisors are great
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Great fun place for a part time job

Fun place to work at; I did it while at school and the management is super understanding of your schedule! There can be a little bit of politics involved but other than that, great place to make friends at.
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Productive and value-oriented

I feel valued and happy while working in save on foods. I’m so thankful for the opportunity they give me. All my co-workers are very approachable. When you need help, they are always ready to extend hand for you.
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Stocking Shelves, Filling Online Orders

Worked the graveyard shift doing the duties I stated above. Can be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging as it turns your body clock upside down. If you are a certified night owl, it may and does work for some people, but it wasn't for me.Didnt really have enough time and interaction with staff and management to comment on office politics and drama.
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Regret even working there for a day.

Managers have no clue what they're doing. Schedules are so inconsistent that at times you'll only work 16 hours in a month. Managers often don't respond to messages for long times. Store managers are verbally abusive to staff. Your tasks to complete as a worker are constantly added to until you can't even complete everything in one shift. Constantly scheduled alone during our busiest times. If I could go back and stop myself from stepping in this place, I would.
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Very flexible with scheduling

Only working 8 hours per week, they give me any day off that I want as long as I give enough notice. They make you a cashier at first before moving you to other departments. Cashiers sometimes feel the need to work quickly, but other departments are very relaxed. Great first job with flexible hours for students.

Points positifs

10% off groceries, good environment
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Not a bad place to work while you look for your dream job

Fairly laid back, gets boring and repetitive just because of the nature of the job. Not overly stressful. When management is decent it's an ok place to work
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Good all around

Great team to work with. Friendly and helpful management. Good work-life balance with easy to catch on tasks. Overall positive experience. Management and team is still kind to former employees.
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Very positive environment to work!

Save on foods is the best job I have ever had. Everyone is very kind and helpful. Management is also incredible and consistent! I have the opportunity to meet new people every single day and practice my customer service skills. I would say one of the best parts about save on is that the customer is always put first.

Points positifs

Consistent Breaks, employee discounts, positive environment

Points négatifs

Slow business days
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Good and Bad

Everything is good, environment is friendly except if you have any emergency during your shift they will not allow you to go home. I found this really disappointing, they investigate about your sickness/ emergency as if you are criminal.
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Too stressful for little benefits, toxic environment

I worked in multiple departments and I can say that working here is really toxic. If you call in sick the employees/managers will talk negatively about you behind your back and cut hours. Management and upper HR are NOT understanding at all of mental health issues and will gaslight you if you tell them about a negative experience you had.

Points positifs

Flexible hours

Points négatifs

Toxic environment, low pay
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Best place to work.

Management has been a big asset. They understand the needs of the employees. The fellow employees are very friendly and make one feel welcomed. Best place to work as part time job.

Points positifs

Free food.
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bad very very bad managmenet at the IT department

you want to work at the IT department at Save on Foods? dont even think about it and look somewhere else. managements at this place dont have any clue on how to run things and its all about saving money and saving their butts.they do changes first and then they sit down and think about it if its a good change or a bad one. who would run IT department like this?!

Points positifs

good benefits and thats all

Points négatifs

bad management, low salary, too much work and no future
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Will cut your benefits if you catch covid.

When I caught covid from work I followed the protocol by informing my manager and was told to stay off the property for 5 days. As a result I lost my benefits and now I have coworkers coming in with "allergies" due to fear of being penalized. Not a safe work environment. As well if you are a female the chances of being able to advance here are slim to none as daily tasks are given out based on gender yet the task the boys get are prerequisites in order to apply to upwards positions.

Points positifs

10% discount of groceries

Points négatifs

Benefits are a joke, harassment and bullying from older coworkers and sexist workplace.
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Good place to work

It’s a good place to work, has a lot of turn over though. Will get lots of hours, especially if you say you’re available for 40 hrs. Management listens to your concerns and are willing to help.
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Save on foods

Typical minimum wage job where they don’t pay us enough to deal with all of the terrible customers. Management is okay but it is a min wage job so can’t expect much. Would be nice if they kept up with inflation.
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