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environnement de travail produictif et agreable

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je souhait de retrouver ce travail le plus vite que pour garder mes etudes et mes chose en equilibre merci.
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Competitive yet fun workplace to work at

A typical day at work included a to-do list and making sure everything is set up properly and in order for the morning staff to come and do their job. Management was always around to lend a helping hand and relieve workers in case of emergencies. Hardest part of the job was having to discard perfectly good food at the end of the night as waste, instead of being given away to workers to take home. And the most enjoyable part of the job was coworkers and the laid back work environment. Ensuring minimal stress levels. And I believe that really made a difference in the job performance. Less stress and playful environment also helped insure all tasks were done in a timely fashion.
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Good starter job

Good entry level job because they provide good training and supportive staff. Decent benefits but wage is on the lower side. There are opportunities to work in different departments
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fun environment

fun workspace, hectic at times. management was okay, hard to go up within the company. not many opportunities to get raises. overall the experience was okay
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Consistent pay, and good benefits.

What is the best part of working at the company?It was close to home, paydays were every Friday, you are a union member, and there are benefits for full time and part time employees. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Sometimes there was an unreasonable expectation of how quickly tasks could be completed. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?For the most part it was a good place to work, of course as with any job I found there were people who did not get along well with others.
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All right for a first job and as a student, Management occasionally an issue

Good experiences with co-workers and learning new skills that can be transferable to any other job. Students are accomodated well provided you plan ahead of time and are very understanding. However, management is frequently cycled through from other stores and depending who runs the store for the next 2-3 years your overall experience working here will vary. They range from being competent and listening to their workers issues/grievances to bumbling around in their office and wondering why everyone else is leaving and not working hard enough.
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Good work-life balance but underpaid

Cashiers and front end workers are underpaid for the amount of work that is put on by supervisors. Schedule is accommodating for students, really appreciated that.
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accommodating and flexible

Kind and flexible management, understanding of issues. Scheduling was disorganized. Night shift was relaxing and training was good. Good pay on holidays and night shift.
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Fast paced environment, great co-workers

Some iffy management, poor pay, always understaffed. Advancement is difficult, it should not be, this is due to poor management, who fail to take advantage of the resources they have.
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overall good experience suited to the working environment love work culture coworkers are good and communication is very proper good work-life balance.
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horrible environment.

i worked here for a year, i was in grocery & did some online orders. personally i wasnt a fan of working here, its a very negative workplace. lots of rude a disrespectful customers. my coworkers were pretty nice there was a couple who were rude. i would always find myself getting scheduled on the days i said i wasnt available on & when i would call they would pretty much say i still need to come in. but obviously i couldnt thats why i put down im not available. it was definitely a mentally draining job in my opinion, they would put me in random departments i wasnt comfortable in. they are very understaffed & overall i wouldnt recommend working here at all!

Points positifs

decent pay.

Points négatifs

rude people.
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good people to work with

What is the best part of working at the company?other team members and the custumersWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?some of the upper managers and angry customersWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?for the most part good you can learn a lot from other peopleWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?it can be very rewarding but also stressful
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it all depends on the managers.

I found that the managers and coworkers you had REALLY impact how you feel about the job. If you have nice managers and coworkers, its a good place...
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Fun workplace

the work environment was fun and relaxed, I enjoyed my co workers and management was super nice. Good place for student. I only work part time so I feel this is an ideal place for student
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Boring people and boring place to work. Don’t apply you’ll regret it.

Didn’t learn anything. They just want you to work hard so the company and managers get rich. Superstore and Walmart would be a lot more fun and nicer to work. The breaks sucked and the way you have to punch in and out sucked, and the worst part is having a job there.

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Points négatifs

Boring, judgmental people
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good first job

taught me a lot considering it was my first job, the work environment was fun and relaxed, I enjoyed my co workers and management was super nice. sometimes it was very stressful there though and numerous times we were understaffed during holidays and what not. overall, definitely a good first job and I do miss the place.

Points positifs

free food in break rooms, flexible hours very accommodating

Points négatifs

can get super busy and stressful fast
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Its a solid job

Paid the bills, always a shift, was a new location so it was kinda all over the place but eventually it found its own rhythm, kitchen work was ok for what it was
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Great company to work for and awesome people

As a general clerk, the work in itself can get a bit boring, but the ambiance of the store is great, with excellent music to boot. Colleagues are friendly and quirky at times, and everyone is always helpful. Supervisors and managers are equally approachable and accommodating, and are sincerely concerned that their team is doing ok.
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Great place to work once you get the hang of it

Steady, routine and a good environment. Decent lifting and planning needed, but once that's down it's a good job to have full time. I would go back given the opportunity
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Good for short term money, bad for long term goals

This company is heavily influenced by nepotism, it seems the only way to move up is by being related to someone.Use this job and position for experience while you look for something else.
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Paid weekly, fun environment

A few years ago this place had a lot of drama, including with the managers (which I think have been replaced). a good job if you’re in highschool! ..
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