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Why would you want to work at Save on Foods?

14 réponses

  • Busy environment/ very good reputation/ I saw worker enjoyed their job

  • Its fine if you're a student wanting part-time hours. Or if you've been in the grocery retail business for years and you're a people person who can't stop talking for 5 minutes. Otherwise look the other way cause you won't fit in and they won't hesitate to let you know.

  • I feel that it has a good working atmosphere to it,

  • Because my sister in law has been working from last 20 years

  • Good job its for a union job and good environment

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  • I wouldn’t. Worse place I have ever worked

  • It’s a good job for part time

  • I wouldn’t anymore.... I did it for 16 years... for nothing it seemed

  • For the Medical and Dental

  • I would never go back.

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  1. Why would you want to work at Save on Foods?