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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Save on Foods?

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  • Helpful and happy working environment hasten the team work.

  • Show a happy approach of respect.. explain why the problem it happens apply no body perfect.. encourage not the mistakes will not be happen again..

  • I’m pretty sure. The attitude I experienced from this young manager. Is not the first time. As I spoke to others after leaving and they tell me “that’s just the way she is” which is NOT ACCEPTABLE in my opinion. When you are a manager. You lead. BY EXAMPLE! You don’t give attitude and act like a 14 year old brat. You are polite helpful and attentive to the needs of your employees so that they in turn can do their job well. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the cause for the people leaving this location. Was told they stopped hiring and that I was the last group. Within the first 2 days. Someone quit from my group. And I see they are suddenly hiring yet another 5 people on the schedule board.

  • Treat all women with respect. No flirting with the young girls as some managers have been noted to do. Treat all people with respect period. Get rid of the deadbeat managers who are bullies and belittle their staff. Get new managers who care about their employees, staff and actually get off their duff to help instead of walking around wasting space. A small minority of managers do help their staff. Most are upstairs in the office passing the time of day, hiding away from problems in the store with customers or complaints. They screen everything from the comments you post here to the comments you send directly to them. If you make a complaint they get rid of you asap no bull.
    They don't know how to deal with conflict, I guess that is why they hide in their upstairs cage.

    There are few and I mean few that I have seen roll up their sleeves and actually help their employees instead of acting like they are God's Gift to the grocery store heavens. Arrogant, rude, abrasive and downright unacceptable behaviour from the head store manager and then the district manager follows his command. Outdated Human Resources, outdated on how to contact anyone outside of your district. It is pretty controlled and unfriendly to deal with anything that goes beyond bad management. If you make a complaint, you will surely be fired on the spot. How professional and it is a real charm of a place to shop at...NOT. Run, run to the next store down the street to work and play because you will soon find out that the Save On Foods Group is not a kewl place to work and it is far too expensive to shop there.

  • Pay loyal employees better, especially younger ones. Have a separate discount for staff that isnt shared with customers (more rewards offers). Give the non-union managers a slap upside the head so they aren't mentally abusive.

  • Get rid of so called workers who obviously don't want to be there because their negativity rubs off on people fast and keep the ones who do work and are happy with their co workers and customers is a plus but hard to find because the environment in that store is heavy and dark and that's not good considering its a newer store that has only been open for what like two years now wow that's pretty sad ( :

  • To take care of the employees

  • Pay shud be good as save one is very good work place

  • Control managers that bully and harass their staff. Set up a proper union to protect employees

  • Managers need to be screened better and given better training so they understand that it is completely unacceptable to bully their staff. Store managers need to separate themselves from their friendship cliques otherwise it will be impossible to deal with any manager/employee issues. This company has grown way too fast in Alberta and does not have experienced managers in place to know how to protect their employees from bullying. No wonder the turn over is so high. It’s difficult for a company to be truely successful when they have to waste so much time and money training new staff.

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  1. Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Save on Foods?