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Quels sont les horaires de travail chez Save on Foods?

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  • Okay so the way scheduling works is you start out bottom of schedule.
    Its a senority roaster. Meaning people at the top of the schedule must be maxed out before the bottom. If its a busy store, i wouldnt worry too much about that.

    You can adjust your hours. 40 in the summer or whatever you want, and a minimum of 8 during the school year.

    Now for shifts - it varies based on where they choose to train you and your senority. If youre just starting out and you have no scheduling / school restrictions , id count on a lot of 245 - 1115 pm shifts. Again this would depend on what youre trained in first, what your restrictions are for school etc.

    Ive been here 7 years and have no restrictions. Because im cash and customer service desk trained, my shifts can go anywhere from 645am start to a 245 pm start.

    Its shift work so dont count on the same shifts every day thats for sure !

  • Full-time during the summer, part-time during school year

  • Started good with 3 shift aweek for 5 hours
    theit was 2 shift a week for 5 hours

    then 4hours

    the one shift a week for 4 hours

  • 30-40 hours

  • Goes from minimal hours to 40+ hours and usually the days are back to back eg. 1:15-10:15 one day and next day 7-3:30.

  • 5am-1:30pm

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  1. Quels sont les horaires de travail chez Save on Foods?