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Quelle est la politique en termes de congés maladie chez Save on Foods?

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  • Grid B doesn't get sick days. Grid A get 1 or 3 monthly.

  • About 10. Will not accommodate unless you have a drs note- even then sometimes they will personally judge if you can work or not.

  • They just changed around the contract. So everyone gets sick bank now. I believe every month you get two hours of paid sick bank added. So when you call in sick for say an eight hour shift theyll just apply your sick bank to that. So say you have 4 hours in your sick bank. And you call in sick for 8. 4 hours will be paid 4 will not. Now if you choose not to use it i believe they have to pay you out end of the year. You also get two weeks paid vacation after a year of employment. Pay will be determined off of what you averaged for hours the previous year.

  • This is a union position, so you get sick days. After a year of working, as long as you have enough hours, you get 1 week paid vacation.

  • You can have as many as you want with a doctor's note but that will be unpaid.

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  1. Quelle est la politique en termes de congés maladie chez Save on Foods?