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Is there health benefits for prescriptions and dental etc?

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  • Those benefits are provided to you after you have been employed with Save on Foods for 6 months. (not 3 months, not a year).

  • After 3 months of 24-40hrs weekly, you'll get full benefits right away. Prescription, medical, vision, dental etc.

  • Yes ! I believe you are eligible after a year. But once eligable you need to work a mimimum of about 24 or 28 hours i believe - for 12 weeks straight. If you miss any hours in that time you must start the 12 week period over again. So no sick calls haha !

  • Yes there are dental benefits

  • Company pays for medical and dental through benefits package

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  • Yes, you can enroll optionally in the union insurance plan but must maintain a minimum amount of hours.

  • Yes. Dental and prescription health benefits.

  • Full medical, fairly comprehensive dental (after a year)

  • Yes, there are dental benefits.

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  1. Is there health benefits for prescriptions and dental etc?