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Expected code is black pants black socks Black shoes and they give you a black shirt if you are day shift. Night crew can wear anything that’s not distasteful to a work environment.

Réponse du 5 mai 2020

There are three main reasons why people quit save on foods. In no specific order: 1)Wages, they are well below the amount needed for a minimum standard of living, a very clear majority can't survive long enough for their wages to get to a higher amount and end up quitting. It's not competitive, it's a joke. 2) Management, the ones who are in management shouldn't be and the ones that should don't want to be because of how awful the current management is. I've worked in several stores and it's always the same. 3)'s legitimately all over the place, split days off for months at a time, schedules filled with openings, closes and everything in between. Poor Management is a culprit of this again, easy fix, just tons of "managers" that simply don't care enough to try to.

Réponse du 8 juillet 2020

I’m pretty sure. The attitude I experienced from this young manager. Is not the first time. As I spoke to others after leaving and they tell me “that’s just the way she is” which is NOT ACCEPTABLE in my opinion. When you are a manager. You lead. BY EXAMPLE! You don’t give attitude and act like a 14 year old brat. You are polite helpful and attentive to the needs of your employees so that they in turn can do their job well. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was the cause for the people leaving this location. Was told they stopped hiring and that I was the last group. Within the first 2 days. Someone quit from my group. And I see they are suddenly hiring yet another 5 people on the schedule board.

Réponse du 5 mai 2020

Its fine if you're a student wanting part-time hours. Or if you've been in the grocery retail business for years and you're a people person who can't stop talking for 5 minutes. Otherwise look the other way cause you won't fit in and they won't hesitate to let you know.

Réponse du 8 mars 2020

Nope. People sport some really funky colors. It’s pretty

Réponse du 5 mai 2020

Those benefits are provided to you after you have been employed with Save on Foods for 6 months. (not 3 months, not a year).

Réponse du 8 juillet 2020

At my store we tell you to fill out an online application for sure but ALSO to go to customer service and ask for a manager. If theyre busy or the hiring manager is not there , the desk will take the resume. But they apparently pull resumes both from head office and on hand. If a store is desperate for people - hiring manager is going to look at what he has in his box.

Now if they are hiring theyll give you an interview. Usually pretty quit. Resume talk and some scenario questions.

Then theyll give you a call back in usually 2 - 3 weeks max if you got the job.

Training usually starts a few days after to a week after depending on the department. Cash they need about 6 new hires. Any other department its one on one so you may start sooner !

Réponse du 22 juillet 2019

All team members accrue additional vacation time with tenure, so this varies from person to person depending on how long they have been with the organization (up to a maximum of 6 weeks)

Réponse de Save on Foods15 mars 2019

Every year

Réponse du 11 mai 2019
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