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  • Comment décririez-vous l'environnement de travail et la culture d'entreprise?
  • Quels sont les horaires de travail?
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I would dress casual,not a hoodie or jeans,the best thing you bring to a interview is a positive attitude.

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I feel that it has a good working atmosphere to it,

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Honestly at my store ive had all different colours. Customers love it and management has never cared. Heck we just hired a girl with blue hair and a nose piercing. As long as youre willing to work and do it well, they dont judge.

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Every year

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Yes ! I believe you are eligible after a year. But once eligable you need to work a mimimum of about 24 or 28 hours i believe - for 12 weeks straight. If you miss any hours in that time you must start the 12 week period over again. So no sick calls haha !

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At my store we tell you to fill out an online application for sure but ALSO to go to customer service and ask for a manager. If theyre busy or the hiring manager is not there , the desk will take the resume. But they apparently pull resumes both from head office and on hand. If a store is desperate for people - hiring manager is going to look at what he has in his box.

Now if they are hiring theyll give you an interview. Usually pretty quit. Resume talk and some scenario questions.

Then theyll give you a call back in usually 2 - 3 weeks max if you got the job.

Training usually starts a few days after to a week after depending on the department. Cash they need about 6 new hires. Any other department its one on one so you may start sooner !

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Okay so the way scheduling works is you start out bottom of schedule.
Its a senority roaster. Meaning people at the top of the schedule must be maxed out before the bottom. If its a busy store, i wouldnt worry too much about that.

You can adjust your hours. 40 in the summer or whatever you want, and a minimum of 8 during the school year.

Now for shifts - it varies based on where they choose to train you and your senority. If youre just starting out and you have no scheduling / school restrictions , id count on a lot of 245 - 1115 pm shifts. Again this would depend on what youre trained in first, what your restrictions are for school etc.

Ive been here 7 years and have no restrictions. Because im cash and customer service desk trained, my shifts can go anywhere from 645am start to a 245 pm start.

Its shift work so dont count on the same shifts every day thats for sure !

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Honestly now that new hires can be trained in any department - no! When i did my first interview cross training wasnt a thing - and i got beat out for meat department. A year later they called me back and offered me a centre of store position. Which included cashiering that they thought id be good at.

Honestly if the store is a busy one - youll have no problem getting hired

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