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Bien vouloir prévoir des petites formations ou recyclages pour les nouveaux arrivants afin de faciliter leur intégration, et éviter des frustrations.Félicitations pour ce qui est déjà fait jusqu'ici.

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Recrutement des étrangers immigrants

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Job is good, but my office culture is not

I look this job to goin experience since it was hard finding work after graduating at the beinging of the pandemic. The job is not bad but in my office particularly I feel I have been consistently help back and my training stunted. I don't recommend my office, but I have hear good things in other departments areas of the organization.
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Great workplace and excellent people

Contract work, so not stable, but paid well and was not a very taxing job. Worked from home, and while the hours were awkward at times I don't have many complaints. Contract ended earlier than I would have expected, but would definitely work for them again.
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does anyone know what they are doing

It looks like the managers are getting their staff below to train them for their jobs. Nobody has any computer skills, everyone just calls I.T. and then gets frustrated when you can't just say "give me what my friend has" I.T. needs the path of the folders and forms to be filled out. Nobody even cares about Covid restrictions, support staff sit in tight spaces while managers get offices where they can take masks off. Office assistants just get used as a cheap way to not have to pay actual payroll clerks to code in their 1990s difficult payroll system- which nobody has proper training. Webex training for everything is terrible.
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Job security is even more questionable since Covid19

SHA has become a business, based on dollar value. It is is not healthcare driven anymore. It’s time to get back to basics of care. Based on care not politics!

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Decent wage

Points négatifs

Poor management = more politics
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I worked there temporarily

I worked there on contract. The pay for that role was great but the management in the department I worked for had no proper direction nor experience in leadership, so decisions were made haphazardly.
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Decent wages and clean work

A very friendly and fair place to work. people of all types are treated well and fairly. Overall decent place to work with little less payGreat Job/ Life BalanceGreat BenefitsGreat ManagementSafety FirstLots of room for improvementGreat Work CultureGreat team of people to work with

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Great Benefits

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Low pay
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Good place to work

Great place to work, friendly staff, supportive managers. The work itself consists of more volume then difficulty, and like I mentioned, they are very supportive of their staff, and good communication.
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great people

I have nothing really bad to say about any of the people that I have worked with, but be very careful of management. coworkers are some of the best people I have ever met in my life. low wages for everyone who isn't either a doctor or a nurse, although I was never a housekeeper, I will say that they deserve an extra few dollars an hour for the ammount of work that they do
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Generally Okay

General good dept. to work, with good mid-level management in place currently. The only advancement opportunities are union seniority-based, not competency-based. Also, it's incredibly demoralizing for other team members when management cannot get rid of employees who have been caught doing criminal activity while at work.
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Busy environment, good place to learn but system in crisis

RN since 1995, in SK 2001 - present. Very high workload in all RN positions. Managers on some units helpful and supportive.. on others not so much. Senior management is too busy fixing emergencies and dealing with an overloaded system to really care about the frontline staff. There were many problems (short-staffed, not enough beds, growing patient acuity, base hospitals in poor condition/ maintenance) before covid; the pandemic just blew the seams apart. Some units can be a great place to learn and thrive. It's finding one that has supportive unit management and staff that is enabled to help new members integrate and grow. Unit managers now have an attached HR Business Partner that performs some of the functions a manager used to do. This can lead to managers passing off difficult decisions (vacation/ leaves denied, staffing deficiencies not filled, discipline actions) and then passing the blame when staff raise concerns. The business partners are NOT supportive of RNs' concerns in any way. The online staffing system is problematic as well. SHA got rid of all the unit staffing clerks a few years back (Lean had a lot to do with that). In some units staff requests are frequently initially denied due to the 'program' not allowing it. In actuality it's certain managers just not approving requests and then waiting for grievances to accumulate before approving a bunch at once. Again, a way to deflect difficult decisions..... Units with decent managers usually have leave requests approved by the next day. SHAs' centralized management system and use of Lean - 
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Don't Even Bother

I wouldn't even suggest my worst enemy to work for SHA. The morale sucks, management doesn't know how to do their job, no room for advancement, you can't even get more than casual or a few part time hours permanently. It's a dead end career move. I can't wait to quit!
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Overworked and underpaid

The salary is ridiculous. The management is a joke. They don’t care about staff at all. They dump extra work on you then get mad if morning rounds isn’t finished quickly when clearly more staff is needed. When people call in sick all the time then others are left scrambling to pick up the slack. Management doesn’t seem to care that staff is buckling under the pressure of having too much to do. And when some staff me members are on accommodations and can’t help out they sit in the back and send the rest of us to go do all the stats all day long. Which makes zero sense and makes for a very long and stressful day. After a hard 8 hour shift you may be hit with mandating with is the supervisor basically forcing you to do another 8 hr shift no doubt because someone called in sick for their shift. This place sucks and is so stressful. I regret ever working there.Not the mention the ton of gossiping. I mean, it is to be expected but it’s so bad! run!

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Not a thing

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It really just depends on which area in health you are getting into

Good benefits. Clear work and safety expectations. Tough to get into as an external employee sometimes you just have to approach a manager directly...

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Lack of seniority hours inhibit ability to work in areas of choice.
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Great place to work. Everyone is supportive to new member of the group. I feel more welcome. I do received also a formal training.

Saskatchewan health authority is the best place to work. Good pay scale. Work is not stressful, we worked together as a team. Everyone is easy to approach whenever you do have a questions. A certain tasks must be observed and follow. They asked questions if someone’s need help. Good benefits and lots of opportunities.
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Encourages evidence based practice.

Saskatchewan health authority encourages evidence based practice staying on top of the most recent therapy strategies. A team-based approach for therapy is also encouraged. Teamwork is a strong focus, working together to get people to their highest level of function.

Points positifs

Monday to Friday, every 3rd Friday off.

Points négatifs

Union environment can restrict promotion based on merit vs seniority.
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Good place to work but very busy and stressful.

Typically good place to work. Lots of politics between team members and wasn’t always dealt with. Sometimes a lot of issues and concerns were t dealt with the way they should have been.
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Great place to work to advance ones career or to stay on permanaent and create a life

The hardest part of the job is working with people who are extremely arrogant. You do your job the best you can and hope that at the end of the day it is enough for team leads and management. The best way to describe working there is what I was told my first day working by my Team Lead, she said,' today you can do something great for the department, but tomorrow you can be fired, because management doesn't care if you did great, they say what have you done today.' Kudos don't come. Which makes for a colder workplace.

Points positifs

Benefits, holidaytime and wages.

Points négatifs

Arrogance and no recognition for accomplishments.
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Taking care of seniors

I take care if seniors, they are very special to me. And I enjoy making sure they are ok. Everyday is a new day and everyday is different. I often think about getting higher education to get further.

Points positifs

Good benefits

Points négatifs

Get called in lots
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Amazing experience

my experience was really good, they are very professional with great management! Pay good, they paid overtime too, great hours!everything is perfect, I learn so many new things during this job!

Points positifs

gain experience

Points négatifs

no cons
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Dealing with residents best part

Having adequate staffing levels would be a plus. Higher wages would also help considerably. Having a full staff every day would be great . Respect for all jobs and workers . Love the benefits and enjoy working with people . Appreciation for what we all do in these environments.
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