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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez Saskatchewan Health Authority?

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A long time if you are an external applicant

It depends on what profession you're applying for. Often in nursing you can just contact the nursing manager of a unit and go in for an interview with her that way. The external postings on the website or quite sparse however if you know someone that can get you into the internal postings there are tons of them so you just have to tell them because they're always looking for people no matter what the news might say. And especially with this new reformulation of the health regen things are not going to be good with everything so you have to get that job yourself and usually if you walk in my name needs them on they will take you. if you know someone that can give you a reference who works for the Health Region that is awesome as well.

They apply for open postings within the health region.

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