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They are paying well but bad management and poor training process.

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They are paying well but bad management and poor training process. If you work remotely or from the Laval office, then you are screwed. You need to be self trained and ready to go. Best way to succeed is to be at the Ontario office. Some colleagues are very rude and some are very nice. No work culture, no actually assist you when you need help concerning the company. You just have to discover and find everything on your own. Good luck for the service desk role

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no time, poor management, rude colleague, they have team meetings out of working hours like we have no life
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Fast paced boring work that takes no skill and ability

Job started out alright but after a couple weeks you’ll notice that only certain people get the overtime mostly friends and family of the Forman major favouritism. Like to put more people than needed on job

Points positifs

Weekly pay check

Points négatifs

Bad attitude and the Forman favour friends and family over hard workers
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Used to be a good place to work

Management is a joke. There is still the old boys club with upper management. If you’re not part of it you have no hope in moving anywhere. The shift supervisors don’t know their jobs. Which leaves the guys on the floor with no direction. When we do take the initiative to take control and get jobs done, we get no thanks or recognition. They’d rather treat their supervisors and select lead hands to weekend get a ways.

Points positifs

Paid weekly

Points négatifs

Bad management
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Family Bond

Great atmosphere, the people are nice and they are alot of training to help you advance. The culture totally change because before we didnt havr no training, no advancement but know they changed there way of seeing the future.
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Decent place to work

It's a decent place to work. Everyone is easy to get along with and tries to help out when necessary While I wouldn't recommend to a friend or family member, I wouldn't discourage it either.

Points positifs

Easy people to work with

Points négatifs

Shift work
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Good place to work with some pitfalls.

Generally relaxed place to work. Management is not always open to change but good morale in the company. Salary is a bit behind other companies in the market but not terrible.
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Fun place

My dad work there for going on 11yrs the company been great to me and my family.i hope to retire here just like my father. Maybe one day my son will work there too.

Points positifs

Paid time off

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Robbed me

Burloak Technologies - Wasn’t paid for 12 hours of overtime. Was given unpaid time off instead as a form of compensation. Was running the wire edm/lathe/mill when it was agreed upon in the interview that I would only be running the lathe and was never given a pay increase.
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Work is easy,work part of it is the east part of the job

Honestly the trouble is mentioning the issues with a company turns out to look bad on yourself,and I’m sure this company is not alone when it comes to the issues this particular company has,it’s everywhere I’m sure and regardless how many times it spoke of things will never be fixed,Discrimination and favouritism in the work place gets overlooked and usually results in termination for the people who speak up.In my case working under these conditions for six years while never having a accident and good reviews and excellent work ethic and attendance still resulted in layoff and severance but many workers with really bad track record continue to hold a job.Many advancement in the company would nearly always go to Supervisors friends and not necessarily people deserving.In my opinion things like this never get seen by upper management as it’s hidden from them and reports always biased.Great pay and Company does treat employees good but depends whether or not your likes by supervisors or not whether or not you ever get better opportunities

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

Favouritism and discrimination in the workplace
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Laying people off

Stay Classy Samuel lay people off during an pandemic then hire new employees after 1 week when old employees are let go. Stay very away from this place these people do not care about you and will f u c k you in a heart beat.

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Points négatifs

Management, No job security
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Great place to work

Best job ever so sad they Decided To Close The branch it was a great place to work and the people I worked with were awesome. I would work for this company anytime
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A company that provides good competitive wages and benefits. Well rounded organization the helps employees to gain experience and have the chance to excel with their jobs
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Good company and big opportunities for advancement

Company is great. good managnment and work culture. only things is rotational work and biweekly basis can be a little bit tough to handle. great and friendly team to work with!
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Poor management in IT

Extremely poor management in IT from the top down. No direction. No performance reviews. Weekly team meeting constantly cancel for months. When we had a team meeting only 1 person talked non stop for a solid hour. Input and feedback not welcome or needed. You constantly have to guess what management wants from you. Poor communication and direction from direct managers. The IT manager/supervisor was just a junior kid with no experience or training in people management. Please DON'T work in IT!
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Review summary

Good hours and pay. Shift work tho. Fast paced environment with deadlines and customer tasks. Good work environment. Lunch room. Management is slightly pushy.Indoors.
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I enjoyed working with Samuel. Travel part is little harder, however; can be managed well. I would recommend to work at this place. Overall, management is good
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Canadian Private company under the radar

Samuel Son is an old well established Canadian firm with substantial holdings in the US and Mexico. The company does have a habit of letting go staff without warning, but there are lots of people even in IT for 20 years.

Points positifs

Flexible, work from home

Points négatifs

Cliques who will protect their fief
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Leicatex in London— don’t work here

Whispered promises and hot climate. Not to mention your work will be micro managed and you will be ordered to do extra work for no extra pay. If you have no career aspirations and feel like getting fired for no reason a week before your fifth anniversary, by all means apply here.
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It was a great place to work but the facility I was at closed down

It was a great place to work but the facility I was at closed down. I was there for many years and always got along for fellow works and management. I would love to find this kind of environment again.
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Productive and a great place to work

My fellow employees and management teams are great to work with. I feel that my work effort has value and is appreciated. My work-life balance is very good and I'd recommend Samuel Son & Co. to anyone looking for a company that cares about its employees.
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very helpful to the new kid

I was hired on a contract basis to cover payroll input, while the payroll person was learning about their new software. I was a comfortable place to work and the team was fun to work with.

Points positifs

excellent co-workers

Points négatifs

long drive to work
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