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I use to work for the Windsor location for a very long time. I was a assistant manager, I went over and beyond of this company. Our DM leadership always changing, our recent new DM is one of the reasons they lost good management. Felt like we were taken advantage of, I use to love working for Sally but with them requiring there managers to have no family life and not allowing a balance between work and family. Definitely be prepared to be not heard and just talked over of you take a management position at Sally

Réponse du 21 juin 2020

The staff at spruce grove need to be on the floor helping customers with there orders your store would make much more money

Réponse du 10 octobre 2019

Well just put it this way, if you’re hired in the spot .. it’s gonna be a bad job. I got hired on the spot and seen two other people get hired like that. None of us work there anymore.

Réponse du 18 mai 2020

I was part-time but would work 30+ hours a week due to being under staffed. I would get 10+ hour shifts and be on my feet all day. Hardly would get any breaks either.

Réponse du 9 avril 2019

Mostly they care about your availability more than your knowledge. You don't have to be licensed to work there. Maybe have an interest in the products because customers will assume you are a pro and expect a lot from you.

Réponse du 20 mars 2020

A great job for someone looking for part time work. This job is great for people who like working with a team and servicing customers. It's a fast pace and exciting environment

Réponse du 23 juin 2020

Professional casual wear for the interview but isd not required for every shift.

Réponse du 9 avril 2018
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