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Si vous deviez quitter Sally Beauty, quelle en serait la raison?

13 réponses

I use to work for the Windsor location for a very long time. I was a assistant manager, I went over and beyond of this company. Our DM leadership always changing, our recent new DM is one of the reasons they lost good management. Felt like we were taken advantage of, I use to love working for Sally but with them requiring there managers to have no family life and not allowing a balance between work and family. Definitely be prepared to be not heard and just talked over of you take a management position at Sally

Management is absolutely horrible. Seems like a company ran by bratty teenagers who never had parents.

Management doesn’t care about employees. You will make $10-20K as a spree associate and not given a penny extra for all your hard work. Also senior employees would be the ones training new staff because the management can’t make a dam sale to save their lives but always pressuring staff to make daily sales goals. Being pressured to keep up with minimum wages what a hot joke!!!!!!

I'm actually gonna be leaving and also a couple of other employees, management sucks there is favoritism. One employee gets written up for the same thing every employee does but the other employees dont get written. Eventually this company will go under. They treat their employees like liabilities and not assets

The management is so bad it will make you hate your job.

Management. They’re improperly trained, bullies who punish you for trying to keep the bullying out.

I love working for Sallys, everyone is talking about management being bullies, but I suffered at the hands of an employee being a bully and them trying to turn the tables on everyone else. If it wasn’t for higher management supporting us the store would have no manager or staff

Being overworked, always on my feet, hardly getting any breaks

Bullying, poor management, favouritism, coworkers being unprofessional, gossip and drama, toxic environment

Bullying in the workplace, favortism, lack of training, unethical conduct.

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