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Emphasize the importance of great customer service and be ready to discuss what great customer service means to you. Tell us about a time you received horrible and excellent customer service, what was each experience like? You may be asked to sell something random in the interview--e.g., sell me this pen--you will need to discuss the reasons to buy the pen (you have expressed to me that you need a pen...this is a pen. This pen is superior to other pens because it has black ink, a smooth writing ball point, and a click top closure function that eliminates the need for a pesky, and often lost, pen cap. This pen is also on sale today only when you join our store membership program etc etc etc). You come in talking customer service and ready to sell...good luck not getting a job at this lovely company!

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Be as honest as possible, make sure to ask about them and if you're planning to join the camping, hunting, fishing department be sure to talk to staff in store first to get an idea on how knowledgeable and up to date current staff is.

for footwear, clothing or cash you need to know a lot less but rely heavy on product knowledge sessions from reps of companies.

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Be flexible, personable, and passionate about outdoor life

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