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    Stephen Reitman
    des personnes approuvent Stephen Reitman
  • Taille de l'entreprise
    1 001 à 5 000
  • Secteur d'activité
    Vente au détail et en gros
  • Siège social
    Head Office, Montreal
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    RW&CO - Site internet
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Chef d'équipe (Québec City, QC)
le 27 juin 2022
Pas davancement
Pas de possibilité d’avancement à moins d’etre engagé dans le poste que vous voulez des le depart. Trop de pression de ventes et de tâches pour le salaire offert
Assistant Manager (Kitchener, ON)
le 15 juin 2022
Busy but Rewarding
Constantly learning and improving. You're on the floor for 8+ hours a day and will never be bored. Staff is great and other store staff/management are supportive. Not a good position if you get stressed easily as there is always something left to do.
Sales Associate (Canada)
le 27 mai 2022
Students stay away
Worst management by far. This place is for you if you can handle being called in last minute to fill in a shift & obey the high expectations for the minimum wage job.If you’re a student do not apply here, I asked for part time only (24h/week) and as soon as management got comfortable with me they set me up for 35+ hours.
Sales Associate (Anonymous)
le 25 mai 2022
Difficult to keep up with and little training, lots of criticism
I've only been working here for a short time so far and it's been incredibly hard to learn to do things properly. You have to be really thick skinned and have a lot of patience because you will be criticized 24/7 and micromanaged a ton. Their method of training is to basically throw you into the lion's den without any knowledge whatsoever and when you make a mistake (which you will, all the time) they'll correct you in a "You should have already known this" kind of way. I didn't appreciate not being trained on anything properly so I could avoid the mistakes in the first place. I understand being busy but it's still not acceptable to me. And if you wanna talk to your co-workers, forget it. I really wanted to get to know my fellow colleagues because they are amazing and nice people, but you're basically not allowed talk to anyone while on shift except to ask a job-related question. It's not a formal rule, but if you try to talk to them you'll be chastised for doing so. Managers act nice to you one second but are screaming the next second, so it's an incredibly stressful environment. The work itself wasn't bad at all and consists of basic retail tasks like greeting customers, folding clothes, upselling, putting clothes back from the fitting room and et cetera. However, combined with terrible workplace culture, inadequate training and especially not being able to converse with my fellow co-workers, I definitely wouldn't recommend working here.
Sales (Calgary, AB)
le 23 mai 2022
Did not feel respected
The manager was nice enough but disorganized. She could not make time for training, setting up on the system or much at all. The staff were down right rude and very immature.

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