Rubicon Pharmacies
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Si vous deviez quitter Rubicon Pharmacies, quelle en serait la raison?

5 réponses

Run by bunch of unprofessional manager. They do not understand that being a good pharmacist make you eligible to run a company.
A lot of nepotism. Less compensation and expected to do more.

It would have to be a major deal breaker, or significantly higher compensation. I really cant see myself leaving, I enjoy working here.

Manager. Creates a toxic environment where all the asssistants backstab each other to get in "his circle". Instead of focusing on team work he creates an environment of animosity between co workers. If he doesn't like you, just leave. He admitted saying "Im right, even when I'm wrong, I am right." He will riducule you in front of other co-workers who know you are right but too scared to speak up and stick up for you because he created the "Iam the boss" and anything you may say or suggest he feels threatened or questioning his "authority".
Position definitely went to his head, like a new cop with a gun flashing it around in your face.

You can't work for a child- like manager with a huge chip on his shoulder.

Unorganized unprofessional management

I left Rubicon because the workplace environment was toxic, and the nepotism left no room for anyone else to advance in the company

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