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    moins de 10
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    moins de 1 million de dollars (USD)
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    Ressources humaines et personnel
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Recruiter (North York, ON)
le 23 mars 2022
Occasionally frustrating and stressful, but ultimately very rewarding
First and foremost, let's discuss the negatives: this is a stressful job, and you will get frustrated. It's really as simple as that. If you're familiar with staffing jobs it won't come as a surprise, but I've seen a few new employees get a rude awakening after their first bit of training.With that out of the way: on the whole, RPI is a great place to work. The best thing about it, as other reviews have said, is that you really feel like you're making a difference in a healthcare industry that has had a very rough couple of years. Your co-workers, while technically competing with you (you get commission for each position you staff), are still very willing to help you if you need it. You actually don't interact with management every day, but when you do, they'll be quick with a compliment or some advice
Pharmacist (Alberta)
le 14 juillet 2022
Low pay
The pay for pharmacists is not competetive by a long strech. They do not care about the quality of a pharmacist all they want is a body with pharmacist license.I was offered a very low compensation , I said my rate is xx and I am able to get work. The most disturbing part is the hiring aka sales rep LAUGHED at me.
Recruiter (Toronto, ON)
le 17 mars 2022
Stressful and highly micromanagement environment!!!!!
Wholeheartedly regretted signing an offer with this company. High turnover rate and the coworkers were bullies. micromanaging environment. If you wanna deal with high levels of stress and doing their back end work This job for u. Horrible pay. Oh ya, no breaks. Just 1 hour lunch. They frown when u get up and go take a washroom break
Recruiter (Toronto)
le 14 mars 2022
Stressful Management - Job not so much
If you've never worked in a competitive sales environment, you might drown here.It truly is a dog eat dog company.The management like to pit staff against each other for their entertainment.
Account Manager (North York, ON)
le 8 décembre 2021
A great job to have during uncertain times
I was let go from my sales job at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and after applying to several positions online, I applied to RPI, not expecting much. I really enjoyed the interview process as they assured me that not having much experience in healthcare recruitment wouldn't be detrimental to my work, and that they'd help show me the ropes. And did they ever! Management and my coworkers were fantastic and even though I wasn't fully comfortable for a week or two, I got the hang of things really quickly. Pay is great too (especially commission)

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