Rothsay, A Division of Darling International Canada Inc.
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Avis des employés pour Rothsay, A Division of Darling International Canada Inc. - Brantford, ON

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Rothsay recycling is a large company, i was employed there for 6 months on a contract first off would like to say thats a brutal and ridiculous length to be on contract when your disposable at any point in time. rothsay will over work you and the dispatchers and mangement team treat you with no respect. the dispatching crew was the most unorganized group i had ever worked with. always under staffed because they treat the employees poorly. i was told by the mangement staff i would be hired on full-time and had nothing to worry about and 2 weeks later they handed me my papers saying i wasnt being hired on with no warning. your working hours are all over the map and never stay the same you could be days to afternoons and nights in one week. absolute lack of scheduling, mangement ability and respect.
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ok salary
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terrible scheduling, no respect, poor training
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