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2,9Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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I worked at ropak for almost a year, it was alright, very hot in the summer time though and fast paced and slower during the winter season, duties included sweeping the floors, packing skids, quality assurance, fill out paper work for every box of handles or gaskets or spouts opened, and pressure and drops tests on certain machines every 30 minutes.
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Really miserable/rude/malicious people and hot environment

Dont take the job it's not worth it, it's like a psych ward that's run by the patients. Management promotes conflicts at work to "keep it competitive" idk the logic behind it but they stand by it. The work was easy but I'd say you're more so paid to tolerate abuse from lunatics, watched one person get gang-bulliedFor weeks....worst part is the supervisors told them to attack this person. Just avoid it like the plague, always with the " I dont why we cant retain workers, it couldnt be a problem here" constantly bringing in new people to burn them out and hoping maybe one of them will stay for more then a year

Points positifs

None i can think of

Points négatifs

Just about everything
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Fun place to work at

Learned a lot about teamwork is dreamwork. I learned that everyone plays a huge role within the company we have to work together. Safety is key to success and avoiding injuries.
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Nice and kind work environment.

Very nice work environment. Very nice people there. The work there was not too hard but was a normal difficulty of work. Very nice Staff and very nice people.

Points positifs

Good pay

Points négatifs

Very hot place there.
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Descrimination between full time and agency employee

Looks like the higher management is not aware with supervisors violations. I worked for 6 weeks in this company. One of the shifts has a very selective supervisor that gives a light jobs to Indian people and overwhelm others. Yet one of the Indian girls always work on a very slow machine for the whole shift while others works on two faster machines at the same time. Moreover he is always underestimate labors and don't like any point of view. The other shift allocate the hard machines (back machines) to agency people while the light machines to full time employee. Really I regret for working there and wasting that time. The agency who recommend me to this company never said the truth. At beginning they said it is full time and direct hire then after applying they said you need to try one week first. Six week passed and no hiring while I missed two full time jobs with higher wage came to my hand but I refuse them provided that I’ll get hired in that company.

Points positifs

4 paid breaks

Points négatifs

small lunch room – poor ventilation and you always smell burned plastic everywhere
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place to have a job just for surviving

Very bad place to work for: 1- Plant manager just think on him (selfish) and do not care of employees 2- Operation Manager does not accept other's people point of view. Nothing you do is good if he does not propose the idea 3- Making process improvement there is very difficult. Old employees do not accept challenges and are totally reluctant to try new ways of doing things 4- People hide information to secure their jobs. Not team effort or collaboration.

Points positifs

no pros

Points négatifs

bad place to work for
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very fast paced with alot of management problems

When I worked at Ropak things were always more complicated than they had to be. Although it was good for hours and the pay was decent as well; they were strict about things that was sometimes out of your control. Personally I feel like with the right management and corrective solutions to their inventory issues; this could be a great place to work.
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Good company to work for

Machine operator, inspection and packaging. The workers were great and a short distance to travel.
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Worst job ever! Work here at your own risk!

This is by far the worst place to work. It is essentially slave labour (12 hour shifts). Workers and supervisors were all miserable and unhelpful. The only good thing about this place is the vending machines in the lunchroom. The fact that you have to wear a hairnet, beardnet, safety glasses, coat, and earplugs is absurd.

Points positifs

Vending Machines

Points négatifs

Too many to list
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Typical high-paced manual labour

Responsible for maintaining operations of a moulding machine. Each associate oversaw one machine and ensured consistent production. Quality check per product is an absolute must. Associates were not voluntarily available to assist on faster machines until requested. Hardest part of the job was managing two machines while the conveyor belt consistently malfunctioned. Moulding machines would also malfunction on occasion, and it would take 15mins to 45mins to finally get supervisors to address them. Even with the ventilation systems in place, the air was difficult to breathe with all the moulding of plastic. Best part of the job was the number of small breaks and the rotation of machines after each break.

Points positifs

Long hours

Points négatifs

Difficulty breathing
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Well Put Together company

THe Plant manager is amazing and really sweet. HR was absolutly fantastic and I loved them all to death. The original Admin lady was spectacular and incredably talented. Wish I could work for them again
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Hard Working People's Place

All the people were really hard working who made tough job look easy and used to help everybody a lot. I learned to be quick as well as work as a team member.
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repetitive work. very hot conditions.

I just learned that if you work well with you co-workers it makes for a much better day and alot more stuff gets done.

Points positifs

medical benefits

Points négatifs

excessive heat
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