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Avis des employés pour Associate chez Roots - Calgary, AB

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Schedules are always late. When you say you can't work on a specific day of the week, they still have the nerve to call you on that day to come in. Some employees take time off without a valid excuse. There are favourites (even if the another person worked harder). Employees are non-sympathetic at whatever you are going through in life. SOME of the management has a negative attitude towards some sales associates and should work on that (eye rolls, sighs, unpleased facial expression, lazy body posture), that really affects the workers' performance y'know? (you need to set a good example for others) Some employees steal sales, so instead of putting your name for the transaction, they put theirs or sometimes whoever helped the customer the least (affects the accuracy of your sales and you sometimes get in trouble for it lol). Workers slack off, some even go home due to being "sick" when it really just looks like they just don't want to work or some just chill out at the back office to pass time or some take longer breaks rather than 30 minutes. If they were to ever call you in to cover someone's shift they would expect you to be there in like 5 minutes when you live 20 minutes away. When somebody doesn't do their job at all, it is passed onto someone else when that person really could've done it themselves. Management just doesn't appreciate their workers at all, no matter how hard you work. The back room is total chaos, boxes all over, metal pieces sticking out everywhere (can cause injury), shoes boxes are left on the ground sometimes, there's no space for worker to - plus...
Points positifs
Discount, some co-workers
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Management, environment, dealing with people
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